It’s the last…{2-5}

Regular Season Home Game for Trevor

I am guessing he is thrilled.  Basketball season gets long since it coincides directly with snowboarding season, but for me, Dave, Tana, Chad, and the rest of my family each of these days is just another on the road to letting him be a ‘grown up’.

As I mentioned in my post about Parents’ Night, it was nice they didn’t do it for the last game.  For me, it was less emotional to have the two events separate.  Now, as next week continues, things start to get a bit hairy for me.  There will be a ‘last game EVER’ on the floor in Bowman.  The District Tournament starts Friday and runs through Monday.  The top 4 teams will move to the Regional Tournament.  We are in a really tough District this year.  All of the teams we play against are highly competitive so it will be interesting and some great basketball to watch.  Until the final buzzer blows on the final game, then it will be a moment for me and I know it is coming.

Here he is at the last regular season home game.

Starting Line Up… He is usually first one out.

Cole and Trevor with the chest bumping thing… looks much cooler in person.

And finally, a smile after a win that was NOT… too close for the fans comfort.

Warm Ups {2-1}

Trevor was fun to watch during these warm ups.  The school had music and not the high school band playing.  I knew when I looked over I would find him jamming to the music.  I was right.  He seemed excited and fired up before the game, but the outcome was the first loss in several games.  The opponent was tough.

And the steal…{1-30}

During the Bowman County v. Hettinger game (the last of these two teams meeting in the regular season…ever… since Hettinger is changing it all up with Scranton), Trevor stole the ball and I happened to have my camera ready to capture the moment from beginning to nearly the end.  The fast break lay-up ended up being out of focus.  But, I think it is cool to look at all the different parts of the steal and the people in the background.  Here is a series of 9 images.  Enjoy.

I like how you can almost see that he has a little something on his mind regarding taking the ball away.  Then things just ‘fell’ into place I think.

And, I am not certain, but I believe he was fouled on the shot.  Went to the line and made 1 of 2 free throws… at least that is what I figure from the images I have following this one.

That’s much better…{1-29}

Well, the boys had another game today.  Two in a row for them.  I think they were tired today, but they did come out on top.  More important than that, the game was less stressful for those of us in the stands.  No overtime, no last second shots or after the buzzer free throw shots.  Ahhhh… much much better.


And, the boy who does not like to spend any time on the bench because it is his job to be on the floor… had to take a break.

The Center of it All {1-25}

On Tuesday, January 25th the moment came for the center of my life for many years to say thanks to me (and Dave and Chad and Tana).  It really isn’t a big deal for the kids when Parents’ Night roles around, but this year for me I was a bit nervous how I would react.  In my mind, I knew I was going out there for the last time for a long time.  The girls will have many years of fun and growing before we are on the playing court for Parents’ Night.  One thing helped me a great deal, this night was not happening on the same night as ‘the last time he plays’ on the home court.  I know for certain that helped a ton.

I don’t really have a great deal to say about the night.  I did my job as a Pep Club person and handed out our pins saying we are proud parents.  I took pictures for the Lemmon newspaper, and I maintained my composure during the ‘ceremony’.  My flower is still on the counter and alive. 

I know time goes by and our babies grow up, but this year is going way to fast.  I knew it would.  People have told me it would.  I need to cherish each memory and am glad that I have this blog as a means to chronicle things I would otherswise let slide by.

Bulldog Excitement and Stress Attacks {1-28}

The Bulldog Boys’ Basketball Team has been putting the fans through quite a bit of stress lately.  Very exciting games, but winning by one or two at the buzzer and going into overtime is getting a bit wearing on some of the old people (like me).  I am going to post score clocks only for this post so for some this may be boring, but I just want to let you see what the game against Hettinger on 1.28.11 was like.  I have a cool series of images of Trevor stealing a ball that I will post on another day.

Girls Hoops {1-27}

Here is Macy Smyle, going in for 2 against the Harding County Ranchers.  She has worked hard and has become quite a talented ball player.  A few more years and the girls will have quite a team if they stick with it and listen to the coach as he teaches them bits and pieces each and every game.

Girls Hoops {1-27}

Here is Macy Smyle, going in for 2 against the Harding County Ranchers.  She has worked hard and has become quite a talented ball player.  A few more years and the girls will have quite a team if they stick with it and listen to the coach as he teaches them bits and pieces each and every game.

VICTORY!!! {1-20}

I am super excited about this win.  And, I may be super proud of Trevor this year.  Well, every year, but the thought of Parents’ Night being next week makes my stomach churn.  February is fast approaching and I don’t know how I will do when I know in my heart that it is his last game.  I remember standing in the stands in Bismarck as he played his last seconds of hockey as a 3rd grader.  My heart ached, my eyes were certainly not dry, and I could not breath.  Much like when I watched Toy Story 3 over Christmas break.  Did you know Andy packs up his things and goes to college?  Yep, just leaves his mother behind.

So, with my heart full of pride here are the TREVOR only highlights from the Bowman County Bulldogs v. New England Tigers @ home game for 2011.

A couple of stolen balls led to fast break lay ups for Trevor in the first half.  Lovely way to help the team stay in the game.  Our shots were not falling at first and it was getting a bit nerve wracking.

Trevor and Clarence (the New England player pictured below) have a bit of a history.  As an 8th grader, Trevor was playing in New England’s gym and Clarence stole the ball from the team and proceeded to head to the opposing basket to try and score a fast break lay up.  Well, Trevor was not about to let that happen so, off he went to try and stop Clarence.  To be honest, I have no idea if Clarence made the shot, but Trevor was assessed with a foul and 3 broken bones.  He came down strangely on his ankle, broke one bone there and cracked both the radius and ulna in his left arm.  Needless to say it was his last game for the 8th grade season.

With that bit of history, it is important to note Clarence and Trevor have both shown much improvement over the years.  Clarence is quite a ball handler and shooter.  Trevor held him to only 6 points in the game last night.  He has quite the hustle on defense.  One of his many strengths.

And, just because… a three point attempt as Clarence turns to box Trevor out.

And, I lied.  Here is one picture reflecting a TEAM highlight for the Bulldogs.  VICTORY!!!  Way to go to all the players.  I’m super happy that we are moving forward with some wins.  Let’s keep up the good work.

#12 Line Up {1-15}

This post covers a few areas on my photography challenges.  It is my 365 post for January 15th, 2011 and is # 12 on my 26 Things list… Line Up.  Decided it fit, as this is a “Starting Line Up”.

The Bulldogs played in the Bismarck Civic Center.  The Civic Center used to be the meca for the State Class B Boys’ Basketball tournament, but for some reason is no longer ‘the’ location.  Most often, it is held in Minot these days.  I was happy to see my son play on the floor at the Civic Center.  It was fun.  The atmosphere was strange because it was super quiet and you could hear everyone around you. 

The Bulldogs pulled off another win.  Go Bulldogs!