Emma Rae…

This girl has avoided the camera for as long as I will let her!

I was looking for pictures of her on my Instagram account the other day and there are so few.

Here she is at her first track meet.  The fourth through sixth grade students could sign up to attend a few practices and the last day of school was a track meet.  Not exactly the same as the “Play Days” of days gone by, but still fun for the kids.


She tried the high jump.  Gotta love a girl with heart!  She tried her best and the winner of the boys’ high jump could have jumped over Emma if she were standing under the bar.


A little foot race for her.  It was the 50 meter dash.


Papa and Nana were there.  He was supposed to be farming, but whenever the kids have things going on, he does his level best (as does Nana) to be there.


And, while I know this post is about Emma Rae… here is Olivia in her usual position… UPSIDE DOWN… doing a cartwheel.  This time attached to a friend.


And they all did the long jump.  So one after another the kids ran and jumped into a pit of sand.


The kids each received a t-shirt, a popsicle, and ribbons in their events. You can see, Miss Emma is not the tallest in her class…


And, Mother of the Year goes to… ME!  I didn’t put sunscreen on her so she was FRIED to a crisp.  It was the first nice day of the year and she was in the sun from 12:30 to 3:30.

Needless to say, her shoulders were toast for the TKD testing that took place the following day.  That photo post will be next.


I want to make a couple of notes regarding life in general too… I decided that we would have a fire after school on the last day… so we did.  I am not waiting to live my life for a perfect time or another day.  We just did it!

And… I am working on printing pics.  Yep… hundreds and THOUSANDS… I am not kidding… images and guess who has zero pictures to show for it?  Me!

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