I was Born in a Small Town

Once upon a time there was a little girl living just three and a half miles south of a small town.  She dreamed big dreams and had grand plans.  One day, she would be a drummer in a rock band or maybe a trucker.

She grew up just a short distance from her friends.  She played in tree rows, she rode her bike along the road to eat ice cream and share her dreams with her friends.

She and those very same friends went to school in that small town.  It was in that small school where something was growing inside each of them that would stay with them forever.  Pirate Pride and a sense of community.

Pirate Pride

This young girl learned what it was like to do something for others.  She learned what it was like to have others do things for you.

She walked down the street in the snow with her friends as they said farewell to one boy’s older brother.  The snow was falling, it was cold, but that day they were together on main street in that small town.  Growing.

This girl, and her friends rode their bikes short distances for fun and greater distances to make a difference.  It was in this small town, this community, that they joined a bike-a-thon and rode their bikes 6 miles out and back to raise money for kids in hospitals and for research to end a disease. Growing.

She participated in the St. Jude’s Math-a-thon in her classroom among her friends and peers with the support of her teachers to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancers. Growing.

She collected coins in a small box as a part of an effort at church to end hunger. Growing.

Did it seem like a big deal to her?  Did she think she was changing the world?  At the time, not really.  She was just being a kid and growing up in a small town where people reach out and do what they need to do to make a difference.

This community she grew up in, this small town with all its charm, helped mold her into the person she is today.  The Pirate Pride that was growing inside of her is something that will never fade away.  In fact, as time passes, the pride seems to grow.

She now lives in a small town just down the road a bit from her ‘small town’ home.  Knowing she came from a time and place where people mattered and doing what we can to make even the smallest bit of difference is what pushes her to instill that same pride in her children.

A sense of giving and doing and trying to matter in this world is what makes the heart grow and the pride in a community even greater.  At times, it may seem this bigger town isn’t quite sure they can make a difference.  They people are not sure they have enough time, energy, or resources to give.  This is a struggle for that small town girl to see.  Why not just do small things?  Why not just try a little bit.

But then, she thinks back and knows in her heart that she lives in a community that does give, that does care, and that does know how to make a difference and that people, no matter where they are from or who they are, MATTER.  She lives in a town that sometimes needs a little nudge but once they are moving forward, they give it all they’ve got!

A community where kids have lemonade stands on their birthdays.  They raise money for family’s who have nothing after a fire and to support the Relay For Life instead of for themselves.

Emma's Lemonade Stand

A community where people gather in the streets to eat pancakes and sausage while raising money for a fire fighter fighting cancer.

Paul's benefit

A community where wishes are granted for a student needing a new kidney and welcoming him and his family within a short time of living there.


A community with graduates who are making a huge difference and granting more wishes than we could ever imagine.

2015-03-07 22.59.46

For children so small all they dream of is petting the animals.


A community where something as small as wearing a certain color can show how much love and support you have for someone!


And buying a bracelet shows kids that little kids get sick and fight back too.


Where stopping your day to ride a bike a few miles with another amazing graduate (from years gone by) can make a difference to children in Uganda.


A community where a small blue bracelet tells someone who moved here from a bigger town that we are praying so hard for a miracle.

Screenshot 2015-05-30 00.35.59

Where children brave the cold weather to tell of the birth of the biggest Giver of all!

2014-12-21 18.39.20

Where people come running to support kids going abroad to sing and play instruments.

Color Run

Where the simple act of tying a ribbon on your neighbor’s tree let’s them know their loved one will never be forgotten.



A community that rallies around a family down the road a short distance…

Screenshot 2015-05-30 01.30.59

… that’s the small town for me.


Emma Rae…

This girl has avoided the camera for as long as I will let her!

I was looking for pictures of her on my Instagram account the other day and there are so few.

Here she is at her first track meet.  The fourth through sixth grade students could sign up to attend a few practices and the last day of school was a track meet.  Not exactly the same as the “Play Days” of days gone by, but still fun for the kids.


She tried the high jump.  Gotta love a girl with heart!  She tried her best and the winner of the boys’ high jump could have jumped over Emma if she were standing under the bar.


A little foot race for her.  It was the 50 meter dash.


Papa and Nana were there.  He was supposed to be farming, but whenever the kids have things going on, he does his level best (as does Nana) to be there.


And, while I know this post is about Emma Rae… here is Olivia in her usual position… UPSIDE DOWN… doing a cartwheel.  This time attached to a friend.


And they all did the long jump.  So one after another the kids ran and jumped into a pit of sand.


The kids each received a t-shirt, a popsicle, and ribbons in their events. You can see, Miss Emma is not the tallest in her class…


And, Mother of the Year goes to… ME!  I didn’t put sunscreen on her so she was FRIED to a crisp.  It was the first nice day of the year and she was in the sun from 12:30 to 3:30.

Needless to say, her shoulders were toast for the TKD testing that took place the following day.  That photo post will be next.


I want to make a couple of notes regarding life in general too… I decided that we would have a fire after school on the last day… so we did.  I am not waiting to live my life for a perfect time or another day.  We just did it!

And… I am working on printing pics.  Yep… hundreds and THOUSANDS… I am not kidding… images and guess who has zero pictures to show for it?  Me!