What’s New Welch at the Welch House

Well, some quick pics of what has been going on lately at The Welch House.

First part of March we did something a whole lot of crazy…


Kat – Our Goldendoodle came to live with us March 4th.  She is a puppy and to be honest, I am not ready for puppy.  Good old Zada was calm and well trained.  Did you know a person forgets how much work a puppy is after 12 years of ‘living the life’ with a great old dog?



Sophia’s new best friend was born.  Baby Audra came into the world and is a blessing to all of us.






Olivia turned 8 on the 8th!



And because it was Make A Wish weekend we had the chance to swim with Reagen.




Olivia had a gymnastics cake for her friend party.



And a slumber party with a bunch of girls… three twin mattresses on the floor.







Tumbling Party…








Chad and I took a weekend away to watch the State Class B Basketball tournament.  Great time!


I had a hair do… It’s a big deal!  My hair is growing like crazy these days.  Ask me why if you dare!



My feet have been a total pain in the ass lately.  Plantar fasciitis is in full effect.  Hate it… life long problems!



And… Watched my dad do what he loves.  End of March marks the Lund’s B-Bar Angus Bull Sale.  This is his biggest day of the year and we love to watch him each and every year if we can.




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