Together We Are… FCCLA

The theme of this year’s ND State Family, Career and Community Leaders of America was Together We Are…

For me the last three days renewed my spirit and hope for our future because I spent those days with our future.

I was asked by the Bowman County FCCLA Advisor, Sara Kordovsky, to help her chaperone a group of young ladies (our local chapter does not have male members at this time) at this year’s state convention in Bismarck.

Here they are… dressed in red… I LOVE RED (It’s the Pirate and former FHA state officer in me).




Sometimes… Girls just wanna have fun!


These two young ladies had an amazing couple of days.  They competed in STAR Events and…
QUALIFIED for the National Convention.  They were the best in the state in their category!

Here they are just moments after crossing the stage!


I need to insert a note here… A heartbreaking part of this story in my opinion.  These girls and any other students who earn their right to compete at the National Convention in FCCLA do not get to attend.  It is a school policy that was put in place a few years ago.  I could share some of the reasons why with you now, but will save the rant that I want to carry on for another day.  Today, I want to share the news that these kids did a great job and deserve high fives, congratulations and a victory party at the very least for their hard work!

Even I had some red to wear!


A STAR Event participant earning a Silver.  Great work!


As this young lady crossed the stage we heard the words yet again… And Qualifying for Nationals From Bowman County Public Schools…



And another Gold Star!


And yet another Gold Star!


A couple super great girls!

Side note… It was FREEZING cold so sweatshirts were allowed and it was DARK so my camera was very confused!


One of these two is super quiet… I won’t give it away by saying the one in the red shirt 🙂


And a few more crazy girls waiting to hear from one of the amazing speakers.  I forget how much I miss being inspired by motivational speakers.  Man, they can make a person laugh and they can bring me to tears.  Both happened to me during many of the sessions.


And… While we were away…  Mrs. K. and I had to do some childcare re-arranging since both of us have husbands on the local fire department.  Finding someone to take our kids seems like a small matter compared to what the Longland/Slagle family faced.  They lost their home to a fire that our guys could not defeat.  Sometimes it happens.  The guys did all they could but the fire was too much for them by the time they arrived.  So incredibly sad for their loss but grateful no one was injured in the blaze.



The family has a GoFundMe account set up.  If you happened to have a minute and a few extra dollars to spare, it would be super awesome if you could donate to their family.  They lost everything.  Imagine not having your toothbrush, phone charger, family photos from Christmas last year, baby photos of your grandchildren, and more underwear than the pair you have on.

Here is a link for the GoFundMe account. 

I want to thank each and every one of these young ladies for an incredible weekend.  I tried and tried to talk myself out of going, but am so glad I did.  I forget sometimes that I enjoy young people and sort of miss being around them.  They made being a chaperone super easy!

Thanks also to Mrs. K. for inviting me along and for the great shirt.  Can’t go wrong with red!



What’s New Welch at the Welch House

Well, some quick pics of what has been going on lately at The Welch House.

First part of March we did something a whole lot of crazy…


Kat – Our Goldendoodle came to live with us March 4th.  She is a puppy and to be honest, I am not ready for puppy.  Good old Zada was calm and well trained.  Did you know a person forgets how much work a puppy is after 12 years of ‘living the life’ with a great old dog?



Sophia’s new best friend was born.  Baby Audra came into the world and is a blessing to all of us.






Olivia turned 8 on the 8th!



And because it was Make A Wish weekend we had the chance to swim with Reagen.




Olivia had a gymnastics cake for her friend party.



And a slumber party with a bunch of girls… three twin mattresses on the floor.







Tumbling Party…








Chad and I took a weekend away to watch the State Class B Basketball tournament.  Great time!


I had a hair do… It’s a big deal!  My hair is growing like crazy these days.  Ask me why if you dare!



My feet have been a total pain in the ass lately.  Plantar fasciitis is in full effect.  Hate it… life long problems!



And… Watched my dad do what he loves.  End of March marks the Lund’s B-Bar Angus Bull Sale.  This is his biggest day of the year and we love to watch him each and every year if we can.