Where have I been… and a great video to share…

It has been 285 days since my last post.  Really???  285 day…
That is crazy insane and I have no real reason for letting my blog slip through my fingers.

It’s just life… my life.  The way I live… Get it.  Domain name… and my basic motto for life.  It’s just the way I live.

So, why today.  Why am I posting here today of all days and what is this all about.

Well, I was getting my hair all schnazzy and one of the stylists asked why I don’t blog anymore.  I really didn’t have an answer.  In fact, I didn’t answer her and changed the subject.  The conversation sparked because of an IG post I had made.  One of my favorites.

Screenshot 2015-03-25 18.53.33

So, the blog has been on my mind and I have been trying to figure out if it is important to me and if I should be doing it.  Blah blah blah… So… I click on a link today to see some great info from an incredible team leader in the world of essential oils and realized I needed to get my blog moving again.  I needed to share my family’s stories.  I needed to document our life.  I needed to share my lack of enthusiasm towards life lately and make sure the world full of people who are down in the dumps also know they are not alone.

How did I happen to find this link and team leader I speak of… Well, I happened along this new team concept through my friend, Brianne Brose (check out her blog here… www.littledropsoflove.com).  She was talking and sharing her love of oils and even though I had been introduced and an oiler kind of girl before, I had fallen off the ‘train’ so to speak and lost my passion and desire to learn more regarding the use and benefits of oils.  So… watching and hearing what a difference they made for Brianne’s family I started asking questions again and was pointed in the Lemondrop direction.  The more Brianne and I chatted, the more I realized I wanted back into the world of oils and wanted to make a difference in my home and my family with the oils.

So, I am minding my own business getting my hair done and someone asks… “Why aren’t you blogging?”

I am minding my own business and keeping to myself when I watch a video and hear of a challenge by Lindsay the leader and co-creater of The Lemondroppers… And she says, Share share share this video on some social media or a blog.  Let the world know what it is all about.  Watch it and realize and know you are a part of something amazing.

So… (That’s my word for the day… and I love incorrectly using eclipses).

So… That is what I am doing.  Sharing this amazing video.


And telling you why I am a Lemondropper.  I am a Lemondropper because I don’t want to sell another product, but I want to share something that can change the way your family lives.  I am a Lemondropper because it fits me.  I am a Lemondropper because someone asked me to join them and be a part of something quite amazing.

And… because it was National Puppy Day earlier this week…

Here is #ourdognamedKat who will need some of my recently acquired T-Away from the Animal Scents collection.  She was rushed to the vet today because a door fell on her.  Poor girl cried and cried.  She is fine and all is well for her.  Thank goodness.

Screenshot 2015-03-25 19.20.38

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