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Reasons vs. Excuses

This post is a collection of thoughts that have come to me lately and I wanted to share them to see what others think on the topic of

Reasons vs. Excuses

First of all, are they the same thing?  I am going to argue absolutely… NOT.

I have come up against a few people in my life who feel every answer you give them when  asked how or why something was completed in a certain way (generally in unsatisfactory ways)… that the answer is an excuse.

Truth be told there are sometimes reasons and sometimes excuses.  Reasons I can handle… Excuses (and sometimes blaming) makes me wonder or something.  I am not sure what it does… but I am learning that I use both and it is my intention to use excuses less and hopefully reasons less as well.

Let me give you some examples of MY ideas when it comes to reasons vs. excuses.

Why didn’t you work out this morning?
Reason: My daughter was throwing up and had a fever of 102 degrees.
Excuse: I only had two hours of sleep and couldn’t make myself get up to go.

Why is your homework not done?
Reason: I came home from school and threw up.
Excuse: I didn’t have time.

Why didn’t you call your Mom on her birthday?
Reason: I was in the middle of the Indian Ocean with no cell service.
Excuse: My cell phone was not charged.

As I make my way through many changes in my life over the coming year (or two) I am hoping to deal with fewer reasons and make fewer excuses because I just want to do and be the best I can.  I want to get it right as often as I can.  Will I falter?  Of course, but when asked, why didn’t you succeed at making your home a better place to live and take better care of your heart, mind, body and soul… the answer won’t be a reason or an excuse… but will rather be I’m still working on it.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and change takes time.

And because I try not to leave you without a visual stimulus of some sort…

A picture of me (age 40) and my soul daughter (age 25) at our joint birthday celebration last fall.



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