Look at Me Go… Three Posts in a Row… |June 12, 2014|

This one… will be very little jibberish and just focus on what’s up with my kids…

The Light of my World…


This boy turned 21…. FINALLY!!!  It was a long road but he finally hit the magic 21 years.  This was taken as he was departing for Las Vegas to be part of a celebration with his buddies.  Two for one weekend.  He turned 21 in Vegas and Dusty had his bachelor party.  Talk about a Hang Over movie sequel waiting to happen.  8 North Dakota boys in Vegas.


The girls during Homecoming week back in October.  I know it is an older one, but I just love it.


Zada and Sophia… another old one and HORRIBLE color… but I just love when they hang out together.  Zader-Beans is getting old on us.  We had to build her a ramp to get up the two (yes 2) steps on the deck.  She is quite the girl  We love her and I worry about her so very much.


This girl turned 9.  Here she is the last night at age 8.  Being a bit silly for the camera.


This lovely lady melts my heart.  Here she is at the spring concert.  We decided to cut her hair a few days after this.  Now I see how pretty it was that night and maybe regret it a bit… but her hair grows super fast so we should be okay.


My SOUL daughter is getting married.  Her she is (on the left) with her Aunty Tonya and her mom, Jodi.  She had a beautiful bridal shower and is finding out quickly how many people love her and how much… and it is making this special young lady a bit teary eyed.


And… it rained the other day (and many other days)… But it was super nice and warm out so the girls went out and played in the water.  This little peanut makes my family with “too many kids” complete.  Chad and I joke often about having “too many kids” because quite frankly… they make us tired sometimes.  And while I may have been a bit moody before she arrived… I wouldn’t trade her in for anything in the world.  Love this little girl.  She is my Snuggle Bear.


And here they are… playing in the rain.  Seriously, it was so warm, Emma could sit in the “Pooh Stick Stream” and not freeze.  Olivia quickly learned that there wasn’t enough water for the floater.


So… there you have it.  A bit of fun and no major ‘life lessons’ or reasons for the post.  Just me sharing my kids with you.

As I type, Little Miss Sophia has decided to wake up at 4:30AM and said she wants to come ‘snuggle’ with me.

Gotta go.  No way I am saying no to that request.

Take Care of You!

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