Five Minute Friday – Prompt —– SEE

I am trying something new.

Fridays are going to be prompted by someone else and will be called…

Five Minute Fridays.

Lisa-Jo Baker (amazing blogger) will be providing the prompt and I will link up on her site to share what I wrote. My faithful readers (all 6 of you) get to follow along for the fun of it.

She picks a prompt word. I set a timer. I write. Five Minutes. That’s it.

You can read here on what it is all about.

What it’s all about… Click the link and check it out!

(Random Picture… Taken by Olivia this summer for 4H project)




Looking out… there is snow.

Cold is out there too… can a person see cold.

Who knows…

Looking in…

Now that’s tough stuff.

How far in are we looking to see?

Just inside the building?

Or further… inside of me?

Inside the building I see suckers

Coffee cups




Inside of me…

I see pain


Self Doubt

Not self-love.

I see years of hanging on to things not working out so great…

I see excuses

I wish I could see…






Clear level headed thinking (wouldn’t that be nice again…)

With work…

With pushing through…

I can see…the hope I dream of.

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