Christmas is coming… Let’s just enjoy it… (December 18, 2013)


I love the images that go around.  Some make me laugh so hard.  Some are just plain crazy.  Some are the opposite of what I believe or view in life.  But in general… these things are so funny.  I have even gone online and created one myself.  I don’t remember what it said, but it was for Jodi.

Anyway, yesterday I was talking about how I love Christmas and I love finding the gift that someone is going to love to receive.  I also mentioned that gifts don’t have to be something you buy from a store didn’t I?  Well, if I didn’t.  I should have. That is a key to remember this time of year.  So often we think we need to outspend others for some reason.  Or buy gifts beyond our means when in reality, spending time with someone may be enough (unless it is kids… then find them a present… even the tiniest of gifts can make their day)… unless the ungrateful shits… and in that case sometimes we just have to shake our heads and then figure out a way to teach the lesson that is involved in the gracious acceptance of receiving (like yesterday’s post).

As the days go by and I still don’t have a tree up, not a decoration in sight (except the damn elf… Gary)… I still whole heartedly confirm my strong love of the Christmas holiday and season. 

I am slow at the shopping thing, slow at the decorating thing, slow at all of it… but I get done what needs to be done.  We get where we need to go and we have a pretty nice time.

Some traditions are forming at our house and tomorrow I hope to talk a bit about traditions, their importance, and how sometimes it is okay to let the traditions go for a bit and come back to them again in time…

Short and sweet today…

Looking for a great way to finish it all off but it just isn’t coming.  So…

Peace out!

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