The Thankful Project… Day 23 (2013)

11/23 Prompt: something you’ve seen

I just thought of something that could be both something I have seen and something easily taken for granted… depending on where you live.

Say what?

Well, I am so glad to grow up near Mount Rushmore and am glad I have had the opportunity to see it on more than one occasion.  What strikes me as odd in this world, is that, quite often, people who live near something do not take the time to go see it.

I am thrilled to have made the loop in Yellowstone National Park as well.  I saw Old Faithful with my own eyes and fed the little gophers that you aren’t supposed to feed. 

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is my backyard and I don’t know if I appreciated it as much as a young person as I do now.  The beauty of The Badlands is something that is an awesome wonder and it is just an hour away.  Lucky me!

Another place I have seen and am so glad is Washington, DC.  I went to DC when I was in high school and have every intention of going again.  Trevor went on his own, but I want him, me and Chad to go sometime.  And again with the girls when they are older.  I saw it, I am glad I had the chance, but I want to see it again.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Washington Monument
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
The Wall

All places I saw and hope to see again.  The history of the city and surrounding areas is incredible. 

This summer, we did the tourist trip to Medora.

We rode the ‘trail ride’ with the girls. 


Olivia and her horse… that she held on tight to while he had a little moment of discontent.  She was scared but she did not fall off!


This is just a small piece of The Badlands.  Come to ND and visit and I will take you to see ALL of the beauty.


And of course… Mini Golf!


Taken by one of the girls.  A wild mustang in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


The photographer…


The real deal… Buffalo in the park. 


And… The Pitchfork Fondue.  HUNDREDS of ribeye steak placed on pitchforks and placed in the vat of boiling oil in the background.  You can see two handles sticking out of the vat as the steaks cook.


Mmmmm…. Yummy!


And cooked to perfection!


Take the time to go see what you can right in your backyard.  You won’t regret it!

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