De-Clutter Challenge — Accepted but… [9.21.13]

…I am behind already…

I found a really great blog on the interwebs and want to share it with you.  I have accepted the 91 day de-clutter challenge, but as usual I am behind.  Which… is okay, I will do what is on my plate for the coming weeks/days and try to catch up when I can. 

Here is a link to Mary’s blog and the challenge… Mary Organizes – 91 Day De-clutter Challenge.  Pop over and see what it is all about.  I will be posting images of my house/rooms before and after.  There are prizes that will be sponsored but we aren’t sure what those are yet.  I am just excited to have a plan and also love that I get to see that I am not alone in the mess that I have.

Here is a quick look at the schedule of events for the challenge.  Mary writes a blog post and posts it on Sunday (the day of rest) and lets us see the plan for the week.  Each day of the week are instructions for how to tackle the space.


I did get my fridge cleaned out the first week.  Here are some pics of the before and after of my fridge.


Before — IMG_2391  

After —    IMG_2406

Before — IMG_2392   After — IMG_2409

Before — IMG_2393  After — IMG_2407

Before — IMG_2394 

After — IMG_2408


Didn’t get a before of this section but I sure do love the space and that it is CLEAN!


Expired and yucky foods for the trash!


I know my husband is not going to be to pleased with me posting before images of the rest of the house, but it is a part of the process and a part of the challenge.  I am making steps to better the home we live in and if posting this chaos on the web holds me accountable and gets me somewhere, by all means, that is what I am going to do.

I see that week 4 is Guest/Craft room.  I do not have a guest room and I do not have a craft room.  So, I will work on the girls room since I have not gotten to the part yet.  Having sick kids for two weeks put a wrinkle in things.  It also stinks that I am at work during the week so, I am hoping to do the challenges after I pick my big girls up from school and before I pick the small one up from day care.

Wish me luck!

… making changes

… One Day at a Time

… Robin

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