The Way I Live… [1-25-13]

Uffda.  Not sure when I fell off my blogging track or my healthy way of moving forward track or any of it.  I just know I fell hard and am going to pick myself back up.

I decided to look back to my last, “The Way I Live” post and see how I was doing.  Well, I can clearly recall what the post was about and the time I wrote it.  My island of despair is still a mess and my house is so bad that when the cable guys came the other day I could have cried, but I am sure they have seen worse and I know they have seen perfection as well.  Same when the boiler went out and the most awesome plumber in the land came to the rescue AGAIN on a cold day.  Thanks Tony from S&T Plumbing!  I just have to make small goals and get them done a bit at a time.  Most important… I need to get the STUFF out of my house.  We have too much STUFF! 

Boy, I can’t stay focused…. anyway.  The post from a couple of days ago is pretty important right now.  I think I do have something important to say and to share.  Will I reach thousands of readers, nope.  But, I might reach ONE.  Yes, ONE person may read this in Texas and realize they are not alone and they won’t know me from a hole in the ground, but knowing they are not the only one feeling this way and fighting the demons and trying to figure it all out may just help them through the day.

So, what is today about.  Not sure, but will let you know a few things.

– I am working on my health through medicine and other methods.
– I am trying to take my meds on regular basis.
– I need to focus on little bits of my house at a time.  (We emptied the bedroom into the dining room and now I need to empty the dining room into the dumpster, The Cedar Chest and into the ‘proper place’ things need to be.)
– I am looking into buying a treadmill so I can get back to moving.  I like walking and running.  I don’t “love” it yet, but will get to a place in my life when I won’t want to be without it.  1/2 Marathon is in May… gotta get ready.
– Still drinking water, not soda! Go me!
– Using my oils and other supplements.
– Volunteering to help with some things I feel are important.
– Working as many days a week as I can at Bowman Glass (rocks… I get to spend the day with one of my best friends)…
– Camera is hanging on a hook behind the door.  Need to get it down!
– Wear my Team Gleason shirts as often as I can.  Just makes me feel good, not sure why.

I have so much more to add, but need to get back to the girls in the bathtub and maybe work on that Island of Despair some more.  The floor is a sticky mess in the kitchen and my dishwasher has been sick so I better get the dishwasher loaded.  (Goal… getting my girls into better habits and being more responsible for things around here… this is not going to be easy but MUST be done).

Just For Today…
1. Water was yummilicious!
2. I love my comfy yoga pants.
3. I took my meds, vitamins and oils all on my own.
4. Got a new hair color… very refreshing!
5. I blogged!


…remind me to tell you about the issues I have with reading a book and stopping…

And one more thing.  I was reading one of my absolute favorite blogs and Karen reminded me of a challenge that she set last year and I was feeling all bummed that I didn’t meet some amazing goal.  But… I did.  I did two 5K events this year!  I was a part of the Diva Dash and a 5K for the Lion’s Club here in Bowman.  In May, I will be partaking in a 1/2 marathon which I am excited and totally nervous about.  I know I can do it, since I have done 13.1 miles before in my life.  Just not at this age and size.  Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick picture of me and the girls after the Diva Dash so I can link it up to Karen Russell’s blog post.  She rocks! 


Fun with my friends… Sarah, Katie, Keri, Tami, Darcie and Me! 

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