The Way I Live [8-5-2012]

The way I live my life is not slowing down.  Or it feels like it is really busy all at once and then simmers down some and then baam back to crazy.  I am in a lull for a few days and we shall see where it goes from here.

Something bugging me is the fact that I have to take Olivia for shots for school.  I know the event is not going to go well at all.  I need to get new car seats for the older girls.  I need to buy school supplies for BOTH of the older girls and choose first day of school outfits.  My family is growing and changing.  All very good.  Just a bit crazy how so many things are being sent my way to remind me that time zooms by and my girls are growing up.  It will be different for me to take Olivia to drop her off for the first day since I will not be across the hallway should there be any trouble.  But, I am only a phone call away and her teacher is the mom of one of her preschool friends.

I just heard some exciting news about a family that is growing in Minnesota.  My friend, Tara, is expecting again.  She has 3 of the most adorable boys (and a pretty fantastic hubby and a GREAT DOG, Ed).  Do you think she will be blessed with a girl or boy?  All I know is they will be blessed indeed!

The last few weeks have been quite busy.  I had the Bowman Oilfield/Energy Golf Tournament July 20th and 21st.  Then the following week I took off for Colorado to spend time with an old college friend and some of my new friends from a photo group I am a part of.  We had a most amazing weekend and I will share some images from the trip in a post later.

Yesterday I went to Baker, MT to volunteer and train to be a part of a food co-op that is called Bountiful Baskets.  I am excited to be a part of this group and look forward to working with some cool ladies as we get a drop off location going in Rhame.  You can check it out at  People can sign up and pick up baskets full of fruits and veggies at different locations.  A Rhame drop site is in the works thanks to Brandy Getz, Redgie Hande, Kathy Walser, Colleen Germann and myself.

My meds have been pretty good lately.  I took them everyday of my trip (except the last one since I must have double up one of the other days (my vitamin D looks a lot like me Rx).  This week, at home, has been less successful, but I am getting back on track and have an alarm set on my phone that beeps and flashes a message that says, “Take your damn meds!”.  That will hopefully help.  A routine will also help.  Need to get something like that going for the return to school.  Can’t believe the kids start in 10 days.  Teachers and staff go in on the 13th.  Summer is getting shorter every year I think.

A quick pic of the good times from my trip to Denver.  More to come.  I have yet to download them.  This image was taken by Keri Doolittle of Keri Doolittle Photography.  She does amazing work and travels if you need someone for a wedding… she is spectacular.  The t-shirts are in support of the Steve Gleason Foundation which works to find a cure and ways to help people who are affected by ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  I may sound like a broken record when I keep talking about this organization but it is something I have found my heart wanting to talk about.  So, please check it out.


Just for Today…
1.  Breakfast was yummy.
2.  Water and ice from my fridge door also yummy!
3.  News of a new baby for my friends, Tara and Patrick.
4.  I think someone in my family is engaged so maybe a wedding in the future.
5.  Twisted metal is just that… twisted metal.


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