Something we don’t see everyday… [8-23-2012]

I had to have my tire fixed today.  I knew I would have a flat and I was right.  Drove up north of Rhame to see Bobby’s sunflower field.  Zoiks… lots of sunflowers.  When he plants it as wheat it is big, but when it is a field of sunflowers the sight changes and things seem even larger than life.

So… what is it that we don’t see everyday… My Mom smiling.  I told my dad that he needs to plant more sunflowers because man oh live did they make her happy.  She was rambling something about not fixing her hair and some other non-sense but she let me snap the picture anyway.  I am pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog these days so I am safe posting this.


A good time was had by all and we had two cameras going at once.  Mom had hers and I had mine… unless the girls had them.  Here are a few shots they took on my camera.




Searching for a tumble weed…


To prop up this little sunflower that had somehow fallen over.


Thought this was cool so the girls could see how the seeds form below the surface.


Olivia getting a shot of a flower.


Nana teaching a lesson about how the flowers were once small and then they grow and open and get petals and then seeds.


My little peanut checking out the flower.  We tried to get her to kiss it but she wouldn’t.  Poor baby has a fever tonight so had to rock her and hold her for several hours after work/school.


The beauty of nature at work.


Just for Today…
1.  Sophia’s fever came down with medicine.  I usually like to let the fever work, but 103.8 is pretty high in my mommy opinion.
2.  Tire is fixed.
3.  Salsa wasn’t too bad.
4.  Water!
5.  Countdown to medical appointments and orthotic appointments is moving along.  Next week!!!


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