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I need to get back to posting some lovely and sometimes not so lovely images of my family and the events that are going on.  Here’s the thing, when I am going to post about MY life and the Way I Live… I will title the post “The Way I Live”.  Pretty easy to tell if you want to read on or not based on the title alone.

Here they are… First Day of School Pictures 2012. 

All three girls before we took off to school.  Please note, the girls have the exact SAME backpacks.  Not sure how this is going to pan out so we tied a red scarf to Olivia’s.  I hope it helps.  And yes, the littlest one has a paci. 


And one with Zada!  Gotta have one with Zada so we know if she is ‘growing’ or not.  Ha Ha.  She is 10 this year and you can really see her age in her face and in her movement.  She’s a big girl and we love her.  Sophia was DONE at this point.


Emma Rae in her new outfit.  Sparkles all around.  Shirt was sparkled so much that it made her arms hurt from rubbing.  The shorts had a little bling as well and her shoes… well, how can a person go wrong with HOT PINK.


Olivia sported a dress (OF COURSE).  She loves to wear dresses.  She and Emma both had their hair stripped and trimmed for the first day.  Olivia had about 3 inches taken off.  She also got new shoes.  Converse!


Emma in the classroom.  She is in 2nd grade this year.  Her teacher is Miss Knudsvig (not sure if I know how to spell it or not).  We generally just call her Roz, but we are going to have to remember she is the teacher now.  So… Miss Knudsvig it is.


Olivia at her “office”.  She shares a table with a cousin and another girl from her class.  She is in Mrs. Gaebe’s kindergarten class this year.  She has some nervousness at times, but all in all is liking school very much.  I was happy to hear her singing some new songs that she had learned in music.  So much to remember each week, library, art, PE, music, lunch numbers, and just general learning.  Busy girl.  She does not have school on Wednesdays so I plan to stay home from the glass shop for sure on Wednesdays.  Tuesday night of this week she crashed about 6:30 and didn’t wake up until this morning (Wednesday).  Learning is hard work and makes a kid tired, that is for sure.


Just for Today…
1.  Glad I went to the farm to pick up the blender I needed.  Many unexpected surprises from the journey.
2.  Salsa is on the stove.  Hope it tastes okay. If not, I will can it as a sauce for hot dish.
3.  Love my ice making, water dispensing fridge full of fruits and veggies.
4.  Grateful for the ladies in my photo group.  Always great resources for information.
5.  Cream peas made by Nana.  Nothing more to be said… perfection.


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