The Way I Live [7-5-12]

The Way I Live my life continues to evolve and needs more change but I have to embrace where I am, admit problem areas, and move “Onward!”.

Has anyone out there missed me?  It has been a full week without blogging.  NOT GOOD PEOPLE…. NOT GOOD!

I have been incredibly busy but not so much so that I should let something that could potentially be a key to my change be dropped once again.  So, I say I have been busy but really… is that an excuse.  Yes and no.  I have been thinking about this blog space a bunch all week.  Everyday I come up with the thought for the day that I want to blog about and then I don’t sit down and just plunk out the words.  I should carry a notebook, but it would get lost in the messes that truly are a part of the dysfunction in my life. So… A quick review of what I have been up to this last week.

Last Friday I welcomed three extra kids and a puppy to my house for an all-nighter, movie-marathon, pajama party, sleepover. Jacki and Jason went to a wedding and the kids and puppy stayed here.  We had a great time.  A few nervous kids and super nervous parents, but guess what?  Everyone lived through it.  Thanks Brenda and Nana for the fun and help on Gala Day.  A couple pics from the Slip and Slide action on Friday. (A full post of images will come soon.  Too many to choose from

 IMG_0595  A Boy and His Dog

IMG_0598 We even had an extra neighbor.

Saturday was my big 20 year reunion at Rhame Gala Day. I graduated with 11 people in my class.  I saw one classmate at the parade for a few seconds (from across the street) and that was it.  For the evening I was the only one in town that I know of.  My girls loved dancing to the music at the street dance and I had my mom snap this picture of us.

20 Year Reunion Me and Girls Me and My Girlfriends

Sunday… no clue.  I must have stayed home and recovered.  I think Emma went to the farm for a bit on Sunday and Olivia and Chad did a few things.  I had a workout in the afternoon and it was HOT that day.  I absolutely despise heat.  I did go workout.  So that is a good thing.

Monday and Tuesday I worked at Bowman Glass.  I did lots of things I never thought I would do and just pray I did them correctly.  I enjoy my time at the shop and the people I work for are quite amazing. 

Tuesday evening we went to Bowman Haley Dam for the fireworks display.  The girls were driving us bonkers but we made it through. 

Wednesday (yesterday) we hung out at home and I did a ton of praying.  Chad is a volunteer fireman for Bowman and has been since before we dated.  He was called out to what he believed to be an automobile fire and in reality it was an accident.  Two very different things.  The boys in the accident need prayers and I would ask that anyone with faith in their heart send a few prayers and positive thoughts for those boys.  Also, for the rescuers who found them and the volunteers and emergency staff that worked to help get them to the best place for their care. 

We went to watch fireworks on the East side of town on “Old Swimming Pool Road” last night.  My girls had a great time, I think Chad did too.  Sophia took quite a long time to get herself settled down regarding the explosions.  Thanking God that no one was seriously hurt when one of the items tipped over.  Thanks to everyone there for the fun display.  (There was even a fire call in the middle and all the firemen had to leave for a bit).

Leading to today.  I was supposed to go workout at 5 but Sophia was awake and it just doesn’t work to leave her.  Getting ready for a friend to come so she can help me dejunk a bit if it works for her schedule. I pray she can because I want to use her help as a spring board for big changes inside this house.  Working on things for the golf tournament that I am a part of in 2 weeks. You can check out the sponsors and info at It has been fun working with the board members getting this moving again this year.

Just for Today
1.  Happy to have a great place to work.
2.  Happy my family is all safe and healthy.
3.  Blessed to live in a country of many freedoms.


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