The Way I Live [7-5-12] part 2

The Way I Live my life has been a disaster again…

So, I posted earlier today telling how busy I have been, which is quite true.  Here are a few truths that need to be told to hold me accountable.  Does any of this make a difference to the 10 readers I have?  Who knows, but it makes a difference to me.

Here it goes…

  • haven’t been very good with my vitamins and meds again
  • picked up my z-pack 5 days after I ordered it.  I could have been better by the time I picked it up.
  • i haven’t taken my z-pack pill today… doing that when I finish this post
  • exercising is a good thing but i am frustrated with the results right now
  • my house is a disaster and i would die if most of the world came to my door
  • i am worried the golf tournament is going to fall apart under my command
  • didn’t take my meds today…
  • 5 am hasn’t been half as cool the last week as it was a few weeks ago… i wonder why
  • i haven’t had a Coke in over 2 months… amazed but would totally go drink the one in the van if it weren’t raining… okay maybe not but i know there is one in there.

I ran (or tried tonight).  Worked out first and did 60 squats while holding a 20 pound dumbell so my legs were a bit off for the run.  It was the ‘make up’ run for the one that I did earlier that ‘didn’t count’ because my phone ate the workout.  Anyway, my body was telling me no on the run so I decided to do one of my crazy walk and dance to the tunes for my run.  Then I pushed a button on my phone by accident and had to start over so I ended up walking/running/dancing a little over 3 miles.  Felt good to get back out there and I know for a fact that I can’t skip days.  It just doesn’t feel good to skip and try to start again. 

Just for Today
1.  Fridge is not working… grrr…
2.  I will go to bed before midnight.
3.  Lots of golf stuff entered in computer today.
4.  Did my workout… Did my run/walk/dance
5.  Chad’s chicken was delicious
6.  Sarah comes tomorrow to help me take a big big leap… more on that… when I get a chance to share.


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