The Way I Live… [7-24-2012]

The Way I Live… makes me say holy schnikies… not sure how to spell that but you can sound it out.  It has been 10 days since I blogged.  Not good people… not good.

I haven’t been taking my meds regularly.  That is my confession and I will do better this week.  I must!

I missed a few workouts for various reasons.  Not going into detail and maybe I already did, I don’t read my own blog so how would I know.

I just linked on to another blog and am anxious to see if I get more hits this week.

Golf tournament is in the books.  Was a fun time.  Even the planning meetings and all that were a good time.  Looking forward to being done for awhile and most importantly looking forward to writing some check so to local charities.  Super favorite thing about the golf tournament for me.

The kids are doing great.  The big girls are driving me bananas with the swimming pool thing.  “Can we go to the pool,” is the question I hear day in and day out.  Emma can tell time so that doesn’t help me with my fabrications of the truth regarding when it opens and closes. 

I will be departing for Colorado on Thursday and I am very excited… except for… my body hurts in so many places right now.  Guess what… haven’t been taking my medication and vitamins.  Going to get on that and see if it changes things.  I have been moody some but not too bad (at least I don’t think)… you could as Trevor and Chad and they would be more honest.

I think I am going to quickly do my Just for Today list and hit the hay.  All the girls are sleeping and I have to work tomorrow.  And… I am getting up to go for a run.  Tried to go for a small healthy walk type thing with my girls tonight and there were several interruptions that stopped us along the way including a lost boy (who was actually in his own front yard), talking to my sister and her kids, and most importantly a lightning storm.  So, going to try again tomorrow.  Two more days left on my 9 week program that I was doing.  So excited to be this close to finishing something in my life.  Going to do it again when I am back from the Denver trip to get myself all evened out and then will move on to a bigger program so I can run the marathon relay we have planned in September. 

Just for Today
1.  Enjoyed my walk with the girls
2.  Work was nice this morning… got to see Jodi.
3.  Ice pack helped my shoulder (a little) still hurts a little.
4.  Water filter is changed on the RO machine.  Can’t wait for clear ice cubes.
5.  Trevor picked up the living room and vacuumed.  Looks good.

So… until tomorrow or another day…


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