The Way I Live [7-11-12]

The Way I Live my life sometimes makes me wonder.  Have you ever had one of those days.  Well, today was Wacky Wednesday for sure. 

Went to work and cut myself on glass, then paper cut myself while trying to open the band-aid.  Nice!  Some wild and wacky busy-ness about the day with little accomplished because of the wacky.

Came home to girls playing on the slip-n-slide.  Fun time!  Crazy hot outside thus making my AC unit in the living room not work well.  Chad decided we would go swim as a family.  WACKY for sure.  But before we took off… I found my cell phone.

Lesson learned on this wacky Wednesday… never let your toddler take your phone when the bathroom door and toilet are both open.  If you know me and want to text me… you can’t right now.  I’m without a phone.

We have been without a fridge since Friday and are going to get one delivered sometime next week.  It is a long story about why we are doing it this way and I will not go into it here.  My dad dropped off a dorm fridge to get us through the week.

So, I am off to run in the morning without my phone (if i wake up without my phone alarm).  Running without my app and without my music will be like the olden days. 

No lessons to teach today… just a wacky day and it is now getting late.  So… off I shall go.

Just for Today
1.  Enjoyed dinner this evening with Trevor, Jada and the rest of the family.
2.  Family swim was lovely.
3.  Grateful to have the little dorm fridge.



One thought on “The Way I Live [7-11-12]

  1. Jodi Tivey says:

    Twas truly a Wacky day…thanks so much for hanging with your wacky friend/family/neighbor/boss lady through the morning!! You ARE appreciated! And it’s about dang time you did another post!

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