The Way I Live…[6-20-12]

The way I live my life is changing.  Yep, I said it.  The last couple of days have felt pretty good.  Now, I just need to stick with the momentum and let the ACTIONS keep me moving forward.  The problem I have run into in the past is that I go and go and then peter out.

Today is likely going to be a double blog post day.  We shall see.  I am going to quickly tell about my morning and then going to go back to bed for a bit.  I should just shower, but really I want to rest a few minutes more.

Anyway, today marked the middle of my journey to a 5K run.  I started working through a program called Couch to 5K and downloaded the app on my phone.  The workout for today was 8 minutes jog, 5 minutes walk, and finally 8 minutes jog.  When I saw this would be my workout for today I was a bit nervous about it.  So far, 5 minutes was my max ‘run’ interval.  So… I got up at 4:45 – got dressed and off I went.  And… here I am DONE! 

Took my vitamins and meds, worked out, and now it is time for a sliver of a rest.  Off to “work” today.  I love my job so much that when I am there I don’t know that it should be called work.  Thanks Tivey Family for letting me be a part of your incredible journey at Bowman Glass. 

Off to rest for now…

And I did rest for a bit this morning and finally pulled myself out of bed and went to work.  I will tell you, I really enjoy my new job.  More than I can really put into words.  I have done very rewarding work for many years as a speech-language pathologist but doing what I am doing to help out at Bowman Glass is really quite fun.  Do I miss the kids at school, yes.  Do I miss my friends I worked with, yes.  But I didn’t miss my baby Sophia’s first year.  And, I have had a chance to spend extra time with Olivia that I needed as well.  Did I fall into my depression deeper because of the events of this last year… I think so.  That is a story for another day. 

Recap of my busy day before bed…

5:00 am run
Short nap
Showered (a big deal to someone who was in the slump I was this year)
Kids to day care and me to work
Picked up kids and went to baseball game
Kids to bed
Writing this blog post
Off to bed

I am quite tired and will be happy to get up and do the crazy again tomorrow.

Just for Today…

1.  I am grateful for great childcare.
2.  I enjoy crossing things off lists and throwing away the paper that had the list on it.
3.  Water was a bit of a struggle but enjoying some protein smoothies as a snack/breakfast
4. Took my meds, added vitamin B (yuk)
5.  Going to bed before midnight…. Ahhh…

3 thoughts on “The Way I Live…[6-20-12]

  1. Jodi Tivey says:

    And we LOVE having you helping us at Bowman Glass! We couldn’t do this without you!! Blessed to have you in our lives…in so many ways….

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