The Way I Live [6-28-12]

The Way I Live… is changing!  Part of that change is because of some people who have inspired me to change and part of it is because I am ready for change.  In order for change to happen, a person has to be ready.  I received a message a couple of days ago from someone I admire who has been making changes since March.  She told me that she put on a pair of shorts the other day and when she tried to walk around in them… they fell to her knees.  INCREDIBLE news for her.  Makes my entire week that I got that message.  Today’s message was a bit less exciting (she has some tummy issues while working out… not good). 

Anyway, Jodi, over at started blogging her journey and called it “Enough is Enough”.  Super proud of her and her daughter, Amanda, who has become quite an important part of my life.  She went from being my neighbor’s daughter to a true friend.  What an incredible blessing! 

I am not going to go on and on and on today (well not right now)… but wanted to share this video with you (and see how easy or not) it was to post a video to my blog.  So, here they are… The Tivey girls out for a morning RUN!

So, just a quick thanks to Jodi, Amanda, and Sarah for being such an inspiration to me.  Eden… you got this too.  One day at a time is the key!  Don’t let one weekend knock you off your path.  Another thank you to Chad real quick.  I made the decision to get up EARLY since it was the best chance for “ME” time and he has willingly stayed home with the 3 sleeping girls.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it is a pretty big deal for me to leave them here and not have to worry about them.

Not going to do my Just For Today until later today… so maybe 3 posts.  We shall see. 

Oh forget it…

Just For Today
1.  Run went well.
2.  Smoothie mix is here and my Magic Bullet is working beautifully (thanks Brenda)
3.  I get to go back to bed for a bit.


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