The Way I Live… [6-27-12]

The Way I Live freaks me out sometimes.  If any of you stopped to visit I would be embarrassed by the state of my home.  I have three (maybe four) loads of clean but unfolded laundry sitting on the table and chairs.  The counter between the kitchen and the dining room is covered with ‘stuff’, the entry is full of shoes, the hallway is full of laundry… the list goes on.  I have considered showing the world pictures of the before and after of it all, but the after doesn’t come very often.  In previous years of my life, I have taken photos and videos and wanted to send them to Oprah so Peter Walsh would come and save me from myself.  Well, I never sent them and he has never made it to North Dakota that I am aware of. 

I need to make a goal and put a plan in action for the house just like I did for my ‘fitness’.  I was about to type that I don’t really have a goal, but I do.  I have a goal to finish Shape Magazine’s Diva Dash in Boulder, CO at the end of July.  I also plan to run a marathon relay in September.  So, yes, I do have some fitness goals, but they are not the kind I would normally set.  You know the ones we all set… I will be a size 2 by Independence Day next year because I want to wear a bikini.  Well, first of all, I will never be a size 2 (my husband would probably leave me) and I am too old for a bikini.  I have a thing about bikinis.  Not sure what age is appropriate for them, but here are my thoughts.  Kids are too little for them and moms are too old for them.  So that really leaves college students without kids.  Anyway… my adulthood ADD took over my writing again…

I saw a quote the other day that said something like this… “A goal without a plan is only a wish.”  I really liked that.  I have had a dream or idea in my head for several years now and have done very little about it.  I keep taking steps but have never sat down and mapped out a plan for this ‘dream’.  I need to decide if I am going to turn this dream into a goal or continue to let it be only a wish (or a dream).  More on that someday… maybe.

All the dreams in the world mean very little for me right now if I don’t get my act together for my family.  I am working on my fitness levels and trying to use exercise and water drinking as a spring board to get me out of my depression.  As a part of that depression my home has gotten worse.  I was a horrible example and mother for Emma this last school year.  She was supposed to do homework assignments and read things but we just never did the stuff she was supposed to do.  Not only that, the poor kid was late for school a lot.  When I saw her report card, it broke my heart.  It wasn’t her fault she was late to school.  It was my fault.  I need to do better for my kids.  That is something that will be mapped out before school starts this fall.  I promise you (all 10 readers) that I will do better for them. 

As far as my home, I need to sit down and make a plan.  The dream or wish that I have of my home being a better place (not a perfect place) can only come to realization if I make a plan and map it out.  Then I have to follow through.  That is where you (my 10 readers) come in.  I will be reporting back to you on my progress with the depression, the fitness, the house, and all the rest from here on out.

I really don’t know if I have a point to my message today other than to be here and make sure I am posting so I don’t let this fall through like I let things fall through all the time.

So, here is what I am going to ask from you my readers… PRAY FOR RAIN – RELIEF – and the fires to stop.  Colorado needs everyone to pray for them right now.  Other fires are out there too so pray for everyone and all the fires.. but keep Colorado and all its people in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Just for Today…
1.  Water did pretty good today.
2.  Sophia went to bed at a decent time.
3.  Was able to work today at Bowman Glass (ahhhhhh)
4.  House isn’t a million and ten degrees.
5.  I am off to bed before 11.


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