The Way I Live [6-24-12]

The Way I Live my life is sometimes quite busy.  I had a busy week working at Bowman Glass, working on my working out, and to finish the weekend… going on a little getaway with my parents.

At Bowman Glass, I did things I never thought I would do.  Broke ALOT of glass… which I guess is a part of the business. At one point, the boss man said something about me wanting to be ‘better than everyone else’ and the more I think about it, the more I think he has a point.  I did want to be able to do the window glass perfect the first try just so I could be the one that did it on her first try.  Guess what Robin… you can’t be better than the rest and be perfect at all things. 

Perfection… there’s a word that doesn’t seem to apply to me (if you have seen the real true ‘way I live’) and our home.  But, here’s the thing.  I think I do want perfection and that is why I get frozen and stuck sometimes.  My mind plays a funny trick and if whatever it is can’t be perfect then I don’t know if I can do it at all.  Dumb, I know… and something I really need to work on for getting out of the slump I am in and the hole I have dug myself into.  Realizing these little bits about myself are a key to the process so… just need to move forward and know that life and living it and being present in it is a process and perfection is not really any option.

Ran my end of the week workout for the C25K program on Friday morning (learning to LOVE mornings).  Yep, I said it again.  Maybe the morning thing is not such a bad deal.  Anyway, it was 20 minutes continuous run with no walk breaks.  I did take a couple of 30 t0 60 second walk breaks because my lower back was ON FIRE.  It hurt so bad and the more I ran the hotter it go and the more I messed up my ‘gait’ and the more it burned.  I did accomplish what I had set out to accomplish and didn’t give up and didn’t walk a bunch.  Just needed to push through some things and did some major stretching when I was done.  Jodi was there with me (Jodi’s Interpretation of the Morning Run) and I was glad to have here there.  She and Amanda are such a great support system and I feel like my grumpy faced running with few words of encouragement isn’t a fair trade for them, but in time I will be more smile loaded… I am sure I will.

The weekend was great fun for me.  Took off on Saturday at 11 to go to Bismarck to see some very old friends of our family.  Kenny and Eunice Rants had their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Bismarck.  We were invited and honored to attend.  It was great to see Kenny and Eunice, eat cake, and hang out with our neighbors.  Dallas and Evie Miller were there and all their kids came.  So we got to spend time with Teri, Ryan and Julie, and Dwight, Jess and Katlyn (not sure how to spell her name correctly).  Also got to see Dale and Redgie Hande at the party.  It was me, Mom, Dad and my girls.  We stayed at a motel and the girls and I did a little swimming on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  The pool wasn’t too cold so it was quite nice.  A part of my weekend that could have felt rushed and too busy ended up being so enjoyable and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

This afternoon I had to go workout for a bit so Trevor was here with the girls.  Emma was primarily in charge since I would only be gone for a short time.  I told her to let Trevor know if there were any issues.  Well, upon my return she announced that Sophia had been crying and whining too much so she decided to put her down for a nap.  She took her to the bedroom, plopped her on the bed, gave her a paci, and snuggled with her singing Bye-Oh, Bye-Oh.  A song sung by Grandma Muschka for years to babies as she rocked them to sleep.  Sophia loves the song and sings it herself as she is trying to relax.  I couldn’t believe little Emma (age 7) took it upon herself to put the peanut down for a nap. 

The heat is getting to me right now and I am supposed to be going to bed sooner than later these days.  My boss man at Bowman Glass tells me 10:00 should be my bedtime.  Not sure how that will work out, but I can give it a try to get there close to that time.  All a part of the process I guess.  Moving my bedtime will take time.  Getting enough sleep will take time.  Eating the right foods will take time.  Cleaning my house and making it a place we can all live and be happy and comfortable… well, that may take a life time, but baby steps and realizing it is a process will help.  Perfection will rear its ugly head at me and I will work my way through the bags and boxes and totes of kids things and move on with life.  One Day at a Time… That’s All I’m Asking of ME.

Just for Today…
1.  Loved the weekend with old friends.
2.  Had a fantastic time swimming with my girls (even if I may have been mistaken for a whale).
3.  Received a comment on my blog from someone that I never thought I would hear from… and made my entire year!
4.  Drank lots of water today.
5.  Spent some time on the deck in the coolness outside (hot hot hot in the house blech).


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