A Year Has Passed… Grateful to God… [3-18]

And we continue to be grateful to GOD. It was a year ago today that I wrote this post We are Grateful to God.  It was a day that will never be forgotten in this house.

Lives were changed that day in March a year ago.  Trevor’s family will thank God every day for keeping Dave safe that day.

Lives were changed on a day in February of this year.  A life was lost and as I think of my friend, Misty, who lost her son, I am unable to make sense of some of the sadness, sorrow, pain and suffering that some must endure.

At the same time I am overjoyed by the things God has given me.

Dear Lord: Please hold the hearts of those who are going through more than they can imagine having to bear.

Thank You for keeping Trevor’s dad safe a year ago.  Please keep a watchful eye on Dave, Tana and the rest of Trevor’s family this coming year.  -Amen


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