Wonka Tonka Day… [1-1]

As I mentioned previously, Grandma Mushka started a tradition years ago for New Year’s Eve.  I later passed that tradition to Trevor, and not too many years ago to my girls.  The tradition has changed and grown a bit in the past couple of years.  Some years there have been as many as 15 kids marching around Nita’s kitchen singing the song written by Colby.  The song has humble beginnings (which I missed) and come from a story that I am not at liberty to share here (you just never know… he may want to be President of the United States someday).  Regardless the origins of the song, the kids love it each and every year and the singing of the Wonka Tonka song and banging of the pots and pans brings a smile to most everyone’s face.  (I’m not sure my Grandma Margaret would have smiled, but she and Mushka were built quite differently.)

The tradition goes something like this…
All children (and any adults wishing to participate) get a pot, pan, lid or any thing metal that comes from the kitchen and Nita is willing to allow in the march.  With the pot/pan they must also find a clanging instrument (aka… spoon).  There is a warm up period for everyone to become comfortable with the instruments and learn the lyrics to the wildly popular Wonka Tonka song…  I am hoping I have them all correct here and if I do not, I will be sure to have the corrections posted at a later time.

Wonka Tonka – (The New Year’s Song by Colby)
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou….
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou…
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou…

This year’s parade was a bit smaller in number.  There were three marchers, a few standing by with pots and pans and the leader.  Here they are… Reagan, Emma and Olivia led by Colby in the New Year’s Wonka Tonka March 2012


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