The New Year Fever [1-2]

Happy New Year to Olivia!  Two years in a row she came down with New Year’s Fever, and it wasn’t the kind where you have disco fever and go dancing.  It is the kind where you get 100+ degree body temp and need to just rest.  You can see that one year ago {1-3-2011} she had a fever as well.

My girls and the holiday season don’t go real well, Emma had the stomach flu two different Christmases.  Not just during Christmas break, but during the actual gift opening.  Poor kid.  We loaded up our things and went home feeling badly for spreading our bugs, but to my recollection, no one else became ill.

Sophia ended up with the same fever as Olivia and I think I have an image of her a day or two later from my phone.  Not sure why I take sick kid pictures, but I do.  Sick kids and sleeping kids and birthday kids and sledding kids… maybe I just like taking pics of kids.

(and… that is not really pink eye.  thought it was but it wasn’t)

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