Surprise Chad… Happy 40th Birthday! [1-19]

The girls and I drove out to the plant (Chad works at a gas plant) on Wednesday night after he took off to go bowling (which is now a sport with the use of DVR space).  We took some signs the girls had made and some I had worked on along with a bag of balloons.  We wanted to surprise Chad for the big birthday in the morning.  It was funny to me that he said there was really only one person at work who knew about his birthday.  Well, the girls and I changed that.

This sign is on the men’s room door.  A practical joker from the past put a voice recorder in this bathroom and it would say something.  It was hilarious because not one of the guys wanted to admit they were hearing voices in the bathroom.  Eventually Chad even had the water filtration guy come out to see if it was something with the system.  Nope, just a practical joke that made him admit to a water treatment guy that he was hearing voices in the bathroom.

Here you can see into Chad’s office in the background.  We found a giant roll of toilet paper and had a pretty good time TPing his office.  One of the guys from the Enid office was supposed to be coming the next day so I wasn’t sure how Chad would take the whole thing, but decided if he didn’t have a sense of humor about it he could blame it on being OLD.  Or… he could just admit he is a fun hater too.

Emma and Olivia are both hard at work getting balloons hung up and getting tape on more signs.

This sign was placed on the fridge. There was a sign hanging about the employee assistance program and I couldn’t resist using it to help me with a bit of humor.

A sign placed where some safety information is posted.  Hope I wasn’t breaking any safety rules.Chad’s office.  Sign on the chair says, “If you are OLD, sit here.”

A sign Emma made.  A sign for his door.

There was a sign posted that said, “40 is not old… If you are a sea turtle.”  Chad says that was his favorite.


And here he is on his birthday after the big party… ha ha.  We sat at home and were going to watch a movie but it was too late and he fell asleep.



One thought on “Surprise Chad… Happy 40th Birthday! [1-19]

  1. Karey Eisenbarth says:

    Looks like you & the girls had a great time decorating Chad’s office! Great ideas & cute sayings! Chad looks pretty tuckered out at the end of the day! Hope he had a good one-I didn’t realize it was his 40th! Should have put 2 & 2 together, cuz Scott just had his 40th, & knew they were only a couple of mos. apart! 🙂

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