Sherry Arnold Walk/Run – Planning Stages and Spreading the Word

Just wanted to share that we are going to be doing some very SIMPLE planning to get this event going in Bowman.  Here is the link for the original post… Sherry Arnold Walk/Run.

We have left our Porch Lights on for Sherry and will continue to do that until she is found.

Now there is an event to honor her love of running.  Please follow the here and on Facebook to learn more about it.

If you are from the Bowman area and would like to participate or help plan, please let me know by commenting on our blog or via the Facebook page for

I will be posting more info including start times, meeting places, and anything else we can think of as planning continues.  So, at this point, mark your calendar for February 11th and keep checking back here to find more info.


One thought on “Sherry Arnold Walk/Run – Planning Stages and Spreading the Word

  1. Chad Welch says:

    Nice to see you are updating your blog! I don’t know why, but I have a hard time telling you that I’m proud of you sometimes? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but just the way I’m built. Anyway, I’m very proud of your accomplishments and hope you reach your goal! You will, you need to do this for you! Oh yes and I forget to tell you how much I really do love you! So love you and am very proud of you! Keep it up and keep asking your deadbeat husband to join you. He may someday? Love U lots!

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