Maybe someday… [1-4]

…she will be a good helper.

The dishwasher was open, likely because I started something and didn’t finish.  That is the story of my adult years.  Well, at least the years of late when I hear these words all too often, “Moooooooooommmmm.  I need you to come here.”  Anyway, she climbed right in and began to splash in the clean water that was in the door.  I was talking to my mom on the phone as this all transpired and grabbed my camera.  I didn’t want her to fall and I didn’t want to miss the moment so I ended up with primarily out of focus images.  I did grab a couple in focus but the really cute ones… were OOF.

And this one… OOF but adorable.  And yes, she has a runny nose in the pics and yes… she still has a runny nose today (a week later).

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