Love to give perfect gifts… [1-7]

Well, I wrote this post already and tried to publish it to the web, but… it wasn’t there.  The words had disappeared, the images were not in place and I didn’t have the patience to fix it.  So… as great as that post may have been, I will have to recreate it and it may only be half as enthusiastic.

I have been considering getting Olivia an easel for a couple of years now and finally decided this was the year to do it.  Glad I waited because I think she is just really coming into her artisic phase right now.  I love getting things for my kids that I find them using over and over again and I can see or hear the joy in their voices and faces as they are playing.

We found the Melissa and Doug Easel at Kohl’s and thanks to an old friend we got an extra 30% off the sale price.  Thanks Nicole!   Here you can see a pic I took Christmas Night.  The set did not come with paint or paper (or markers) but I was able to find some sidewalk chalk and old dry erase markers to get us through.

I love when a gift stretches for more than one kid.  This one has given all three girls loads of entertainment since it was built.  Chad is not a huge fan since it is sitting in the living room, but I just adore listening to them playing school or trying to spell the names of each person in our family (including pets).  The next image shows the three girls enjoying the easel.  I would like to believe that Sophia is making a smiling happy face but in reality the cute face is because she has a marker lid in her mouth.  That little girl picks up everything now and since she is mobile… that doesn’t help us keep up with her.

And because I can’t stand to let the world wonder what is up with Emma’s new ‘look’ here is a full picture of her fantastic makeover moment.  She had gone to stay with her friend Kaylee and they had a makeover party.  Kennedi brought her make up and the girls went all out.  When she arrived home Saturday she was looking better than ever.  Thanks to Joy Soriede for the fun sleepovers.


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