Look Who’s Skating… [1-3]

The images for this post are from Christmas Day.  I know for a fact that I won’t get an image taken every single day so I will be using images from other days of the year or flashbacks from the past to fill some gaps.  And guess what, there will still be gaps!

Thanks to Chelsy Kirstine for putting a little pressure on the Bowman Parks and Rec Board to get some ice for the community to skate.  Thanks to the Bowman Park Board for following through and putting the new rink together for everyone to use.

Now… who really did go skating on Christmas Day?  Well, some kids I don’t know (they were from Lemmon) and my girls (pictures in a bit) and… Chuck!

This is Chad’s dad, Charles Welch in HIS skates from many moons ago.  Chuck made up his mind to come out and try out the new ice.  He squeezed his feet into his skates from his youth and hopped onto the ice.  Wanda was having a difficult time breathing (she was a bit concerned about the fall that may result from this challenge).  She also had a bit of a hard time watching the girls go 10 feet and falling then falling four more times when they tried to get up.

Chuck took a few laps around the rink and did take a tumble.  I have it on video and am going to blame Chad.  He was pushing Emma around on a folding chair and came close to running into Chuck.  His reaction was to go down for his own safety.

Here are the girls (and Zada went too).  They got new skates for Christmas and the weather on Christmas Day was beautiful.  One of the things I remembered from Trevor learning to skate was to use a folding chair to help them along a bit.  Holding them up doesn’t work as well because they tend to lean back.  At least that is my theory.

Here are the girls… First day on Skates.  Thought of Trevor, AJ and Amber as they learned to get a feel for the ice both on the blades of the skates and the bottoms of their… well bottoms.

Zada was with and I am learning quickly taking her picture is tough.  When I call her name, she comes to me.  Doesn’t work real well, but I did grab a few of her and she had a fun time hanging out with us on the ice.

 Emma did a pretty good job.  She was figuring out how to use her feet to push off.

And a little time to ‘rest’ after a fall.

I just love her in goofy looking hats.  This one kept popping off her head.  So… must find a new one.  She loved her new bibs and coat that she got for Christmas.

 And a little ‘rest’ for Emma after a fall.  New hat and gloves and OLD pants.  She wouldn’t wear the pair that went with her coat.  That’s just the way she rolls.

Again, a big shout out to everyone involved in getting our skating rink going.  Stinks that it has been so warm and the ice melted but I am sure we will have more skating weather in March.  It is, afterall, North Dakota!

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