History in the Making…[1-5]

I really wish I would have taken way more pictures of this event, but as my brother has said for years… “Then you would have had to get out of bed.”.  So, I stayed in bed and came only for one day of pictures.  Mom has some of the building coming down so I will see if she will let me steal them and share later.

Chad told me a funny story today about this historical project at Osendorf Farms… People have been asking him what they are doing out there and his answered shocked most everyone.  He told them Bob is finally doing it… He’s building Connie a new house.  Dad simply said, “The hell I am.  She’s going to have to live in a grain bin.”

This building was once thought to maybe have been shaped somewhat like an airplane hanger and held grain.  It was covered in tin as you can see the piles of tin below.  Years of weather in the ND wind has ripped off lots of the tin, but there was some remaining for the crew to tear down.

The Crew… Well, during the project thus far you would find Beylund Construction (in the background) and The Holecek Family.  Payco and Eddie Holecek came and engineered the tearing down of this building.  The wood was some sort of really awesome tongue and groove (not sure on the spelling of that and not looking it up) and is supposed to be really wonderful for something… I am waiting to hear for sure what the something wonderful is going to be.  I know old wood is quite valuable and this, I am sure, is no different.


For the relatives in Minnesota, I am shooting from the road and wanted to give perspective of where the new bin site will be.


A project like this is quite exciting to me.  Different equipment has come and gone as a part of the farm operation but I have not seen a ton of building in my life time.  This project is really Osendorf Farm History in the Making.  There is a plan and I am excited for Bobby and hoping even The Ole’ Fat Guy can find some excitement in the process.  The jury will likely be out for many years to come.

More posts to follow with other images that mom has taken and I am hoping to get a series of the bins going up.  Need to talk to the bosses and find out when that might be.

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