Elvis’ Birthday… [1-8]

I could have titled this post “Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty”, but that would not have been nice.  So as a way of introducing the world to a little history lesson, January 8th is the birthday of rock-n-roll star Elvis Presley.  More importantly, it is the birthday of our dear Stuart J. Sather.  This year the members of Chad’s class will be going through the motions and having 40th birthday celebrations.  We had considered a fancy surprise party for Stu, but in the end it made the most sense for us to go over with the girls just like we did last year.

The cake did have 40 candles.  Emma and Olivia arranged the candles to look like the number 40.  Good thing Stuart has a smoke detector on his table in case we start a fire.  Lighting these was not an easy task, but we got it done.

The girls wouldn’t help blow them out so it was all Stuart.

Blow Stuart, you can do it!  Note… the melted whipped cream on the top of the cake.

The yearly picture of Stuart and the girls.  Last year there were 2 and now there are three.  The cards were quite special with lots of great writing inside.  I didn’t get a pic but it is very evident… Our girls LOVE Stuart.

And one of Sophia since this was her first party at Stuart’s house.

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