Sherry Arnold Walk/Run – Planning Stages and Spreading the Word

Just wanted to share that we are going to be doing some very SIMPLE planning to get this event going in Bowman.  Here is the link for the original post… Sherry Arnold Walk/Run.

We have left our Porch Lights on for Sherry and will continue to do that until she is found.

Now there is an event to honor her love of running.  Please follow the here and on Facebook to learn more about it.

If you are from the Bowman area and would like to participate or help plan, please let me know by commenting on our blog or via the Facebook page for

I will be posting more info including start times, meeting places, and anything else we can think of as planning continues.  So, at this point, mark your calendar for February 11th and keep checking back here to find more info.


Surprise Chad… Happy 40th Birthday! [1-19]

The girls and I drove out to the plant (Chad works at a gas plant) on Wednesday night after he took off to go bowling (which is now a sport with the use of DVR space).  We took some signs the girls had made and some I had worked on along with a bag of balloons.  We wanted to surprise Chad for the big birthday in the morning.  It was funny to me that he said there was really only one person at work who knew about his birthday.  Well, the girls and I changed that.

This sign is on the men’s room door.  A practical joker from the past put a voice recorder in this bathroom and it would say something.  It was hilarious because not one of the guys wanted to admit they were hearing voices in the bathroom.  Eventually Chad even had the water filtration guy come out to see if it was something with the system.  Nope, just a practical joke that made him admit to a water treatment guy that he was hearing voices in the bathroom.

Here you can see into Chad’s office in the background.  We found a giant roll of toilet paper and had a pretty good time TPing his office.  One of the guys from the Enid office was supposed to be coming the next day so I wasn’t sure how Chad would take the whole thing, but decided if he didn’t have a sense of humor about it he could blame it on being OLD.  Or… he could just admit he is a fun hater too.

Emma and Olivia are both hard at work getting balloons hung up and getting tape on more signs.

This sign was placed on the fridge. There was a sign hanging about the employee assistance program and I couldn’t resist using it to help me with a bit of humor.

A sign placed where some safety information is posted.  Hope I wasn’t breaking any safety rules.Chad’s office.  Sign on the chair says, “If you are OLD, sit here.”

A sign Emma made.  A sign for his door.

There was a sign posted that said, “40 is not old… If you are a sea turtle.”  Chad says that was his favorite.


And here he is on his birthday after the big party… ha ha.  We sat at home and were going to watch a movie but it was too late and he fell asleep.



Elvis’ Birthday… [1-8]

I could have titled this post “Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty”, but that would not have been nice.  So as a way of introducing the world to a little history lesson, January 8th is the birthday of rock-n-roll star Elvis Presley.  More importantly, it is the birthday of our dear Stuart J. Sather.  This year the members of Chad’s class will be going through the motions and having 40th birthday celebrations.  We had considered a fancy surprise party for Stu, but in the end it made the most sense for us to go over with the girls just like we did last year.

The cake did have 40 candles.  Emma and Olivia arranged the candles to look like the number 40.  Good thing Stuart has a smoke detector on his table in case we start a fire.  Lighting these was not an easy task, but we got it done.

The girls wouldn’t help blow them out so it was all Stuart.

Blow Stuart, you can do it!  Note… the melted whipped cream on the top of the cake.

The yearly picture of Stuart and the girls.  Last year there were 2 and now there are three.  The cards were quite special with lots of great writing inside.  I didn’t get a pic but it is very evident… Our girls LOVE Stuart.

And one of Sophia since this was her first party at Stuart’s house.

Love to give perfect gifts… [1-7]

Well, I wrote this post already and tried to publish it to the web, but… it wasn’t there.  The words had disappeared, the images were not in place and I didn’t have the patience to fix it.  So… as great as that post may have been, I will have to recreate it and it may only be half as enthusiastic.

I have been considering getting Olivia an easel for a couple of years now and finally decided this was the year to do it.  Glad I waited because I think she is just really coming into her artisic phase right now.  I love getting things for my kids that I find them using over and over again and I can see or hear the joy in their voices and faces as they are playing.

We found the Melissa and Doug Easel at Kohl’s and thanks to an old friend we got an extra 30% off the sale price.  Thanks Nicole!   Here you can see a pic I took Christmas Night.  The set did not come with paint or paper (or markers) but I was able to find some sidewalk chalk and old dry erase markers to get us through.

I love when a gift stretches for more than one kid.  This one has given all three girls loads of entertainment since it was built.  Chad is not a huge fan since it is sitting in the living room, but I just adore listening to them playing school or trying to spell the names of each person in our family (including pets).  The next image shows the three girls enjoying the easel.  I would like to believe that Sophia is making a smiling happy face but in reality the cute face is because she has a marker lid in her mouth.  That little girl picks up everything now and since she is mobile… that doesn’t help us keep up with her.

And because I can’t stand to let the world wonder what is up with Emma’s new ‘look’ here is a full picture of her fantastic makeover moment.  She had gone to stay with her friend Kaylee and they had a makeover party.  Kennedi brought her make up and the girls went all out.  When she arrived home Saturday she was looking better than ever.  Thanks to Joy Soriede for the fun sleepovers.


History in the Making…[1-5]

I really wish I would have taken way more pictures of this event, but as my brother has said for years… “Then you would have had to get out of bed.”.  So, I stayed in bed and came only for one day of pictures.  Mom has some of the building coming down so I will see if she will let me steal them and share later.

Chad told me a funny story today about this historical project at Osendorf Farms… People have been asking him what they are doing out there and his answered shocked most everyone.  He told them Bob is finally doing it… He’s building Connie a new house.  Dad simply said, “The hell I am.  She’s going to have to live in a grain bin.”

This building was once thought to maybe have been shaped somewhat like an airplane hanger and held grain.  It was covered in tin as you can see the piles of tin below.  Years of weather in the ND wind has ripped off lots of the tin, but there was some remaining for the crew to tear down.

The Crew… Well, during the project thus far you would find Beylund Construction (in the background) and The Holecek Family.  Payco and Eddie Holecek came and engineered the tearing down of this building.  The wood was some sort of really awesome tongue and groove (not sure on the spelling of that and not looking it up) and is supposed to be really wonderful for something… I am waiting to hear for sure what the something wonderful is going to be.  I know old wood is quite valuable and this, I am sure, is no different.


For the relatives in Minnesota, I am shooting from the road and wanted to give perspective of where the new bin site will be.


A project like this is quite exciting to me.  Different equipment has come and gone as a part of the farm operation but I have not seen a ton of building in my life time.  This project is really Osendorf Farm History in the Making.  There is a plan and I am excited for Bobby and hoping even The Ole’ Fat Guy can find some excitement in the process.  The jury will likely be out for many years to come.

More posts to follow with other images that mom has taken and I am hoping to get a series of the bins going up.  Need to talk to the bosses and find out when that might be.

Maybe someday… [1-4]

…she will be a good helper.

The dishwasher was open, likely because I started something and didn’t finish.  That is the story of my adult years.  Well, at least the years of late when I hear these words all too often, “Moooooooooommmmm.  I need you to come here.”  Anyway, she climbed right in and began to splash in the clean water that was in the door.  I was talking to my mom on the phone as this all transpired and grabbed my camera.  I didn’t want her to fall and I didn’t want to miss the moment so I ended up with primarily out of focus images.  I did grab a couple in focus but the really cute ones… were OOF.

And this one… OOF but adorable.  And yes, she has a runny nose in the pics and yes… she still has a runny nose today (a week later).

Look Who’s Skating… [1-3]

The images for this post are from Christmas Day.  I know for a fact that I won’t get an image taken every single day so I will be using images from other days of the year or flashbacks from the past to fill some gaps.  And guess what, there will still be gaps!

Thanks to Chelsy Kirstine for putting a little pressure on the Bowman Parks and Rec Board to get some ice for the community to skate.  Thanks to the Bowman Park Board for following through and putting the new rink together for everyone to use.

Now… who really did go skating on Christmas Day?  Well, some kids I don’t know (they were from Lemmon) and my girls (pictures in a bit) and… Chuck!

This is Chad’s dad, Charles Welch in HIS skates from many moons ago.  Chuck made up his mind to come out and try out the new ice.  He squeezed his feet into his skates from his youth and hopped onto the ice.  Wanda was having a difficult time breathing (she was a bit concerned about the fall that may result from this challenge).  She also had a bit of a hard time watching the girls go 10 feet and falling then falling four more times when they tried to get up.

Chuck took a few laps around the rink and did take a tumble.  I have it on video and am going to blame Chad.  He was pushing Emma around on a folding chair and came close to running into Chuck.  His reaction was to go down for his own safety.

Here are the girls (and Zada went too).  They got new skates for Christmas and the weather on Christmas Day was beautiful.  One of the things I remembered from Trevor learning to skate was to use a folding chair to help them along a bit.  Holding them up doesn’t work as well because they tend to lean back.  At least that is my theory.

Here are the girls… First day on Skates.  Thought of Trevor, AJ and Amber as they learned to get a feel for the ice both on the blades of the skates and the bottoms of their… well bottoms.

Zada was with and I am learning quickly taking her picture is tough.  When I call her name, she comes to me.  Doesn’t work real well, but I did grab a few of her and she had a fun time hanging out with us on the ice.

 Emma did a pretty good job.  She was figuring out how to use her feet to push off.

And a little time to ‘rest’ after a fall.

I just love her in goofy looking hats.  This one kept popping off her head.  So… must find a new one.  She loved her new bibs and coat that she got for Christmas.

 And a little ‘rest’ for Emma after a fall.  New hat and gloves and OLD pants.  She wouldn’t wear the pair that went with her coat.  That’s just the way she rolls.

Again, a big shout out to everyone involved in getting our skating rink going.  Stinks that it has been so warm and the ice melted but I am sure we will have more skating weather in March.  It is, afterall, North Dakota!

The New Year Fever [1-2]

Happy New Year to Olivia!  Two years in a row she came down with New Year’s Fever, and it wasn’t the kind where you have disco fever and go dancing.  It is the kind where you get 100+ degree body temp and need to just rest.  You can see that one year ago {1-3-2011} she had a fever as well.

My girls and the holiday season don’t go real well, Emma had the stomach flu two different Christmases.  Not just during Christmas break, but during the actual gift opening.  Poor kid.  We loaded up our things and went home feeling badly for spreading our bugs, but to my recollection, no one else became ill.

Sophia ended up with the same fever as Olivia and I think I have an image of her a day or two later from my phone.  Not sure why I take sick kid pictures, but I do.  Sick kids and sleeping kids and birthday kids and sledding kids… maybe I just like taking pics of kids.

(and… that is not really pink eye.  thought it was but it wasn’t)

Wonka Tonka Day… [1-1]

As I mentioned previously, Grandma Mushka started a tradition years ago for New Year’s Eve.  I later passed that tradition to Trevor, and not too many years ago to my girls.  The tradition has changed and grown a bit in the past couple of years.  Some years there have been as many as 15 kids marching around Nita’s kitchen singing the song written by Colby.  The song has humble beginnings (which I missed) and come from a story that I am not at liberty to share here (you just never know… he may want to be President of the United States someday).  Regardless the origins of the song, the kids love it each and every year and the singing of the Wonka Tonka song and banging of the pots and pans brings a smile to most everyone’s face.  (I’m not sure my Grandma Margaret would have smiled, but she and Mushka were built quite differently.)

The tradition goes something like this…
All children (and any adults wishing to participate) get a pot, pan, lid or any thing metal that comes from the kitchen and Nita is willing to allow in the march.  With the pot/pan they must also find a clanging instrument (aka… spoon).  There is a warm up period for everyone to become comfortable with the instruments and learn the lyrics to the wildly popular Wonka Tonka song…  I am hoping I have them all correct here and if I do not, I will be sure to have the corrections posted at a later time.

Wonka Tonka – (The New Year’s Song by Colby)
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou….
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou…
Wonka Tonka toolay shalou…

This year’s parade was a bit smaller in number.  There were three marchers, a few standing by with pots and pans and the leader.  Here they are… Reagan, Emma and Olivia led by Colby in the New Year’s Wonka Tonka March 2012