Tacky Teeth for Tara

Tacky Teeth for Tara on Obliteration Day!

Dear Friends –

For today’s mission, we are going to do some changing of the Facebook profile pictures and posting on the event page for Tara to let her know we are thinking of her.  As many of you may recall, Tara’s family has a sense of humor when it comes to surgery recovery.  Following Lindsey’s surgery she was awakened by her sisters and mom wearing fake mustaches.  Today, the Bowman girls are at it again.  They will be greeting Tara with some silly teeth as she comes out of her procedure today.

We can participate in the fun!

As a part of orange day, you can change your profile image to a fabulous orange square or a picture of yourself sporting some goofy teeth.  Where might you find goofy teeth… The vending machine at work. Use your imagination and pop some coins in the candy machine.  Check out the Orange for Obliteration Day page for some additional ideas, but here are a few we came up with at my house (and we don’t have a vending machine).

Gummy bears, marshmallows, gum with a hard coating on the outside, orange slices, orange slices candy, licorice… the list goes on.  Just have fun.

Or, use a piece of paper and print of a goofy picture like this one and tape it to your lips and shoot a picture.

So, in addition to changing your profile image, hop over to the Orange on Obliteration Day event page and post an image to the event page.  It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with and chuckle at the tacky teeth that people find.

Thanks a million for supporting Tara and letting her (and her family) know we are thinking of them today.  She is going to have a super successful surgery (because there are no other options)… just pray though because it’s the best thing to do.
Have a blessed day!

Robin Osendorf-Welch

Tara’s High School (and forever) Friend

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