Totally not my thing… {10-1}

Chad doesn’t handle baby puke and slobber very well.  I don’t handle scooping dog ___ very well.  I decided to try and keep this blog “E” for everyone so an underline is going where the words I won’t say belong.

Olivia was up and at it this morning so she dressed herself.  Not sure where she found ALL the parts to her outfit but she did.  Dress, hat and flip flops all came together and she looked fantastic for a super fall day.  She was off and running to help her dad scoop poop.  This is usually Emma’s job but she had to go play basketball at the gym today.

Just a couple of snapshots of the workers out in the yard.  Chad has built his own bag holder for this job.  The five gallon bucket holds grocery bag handles and he scoops into the bucket, ties it shut and tosses it.  Again… I say totally gross and want to puke thinking about it, but he thinks it is just a dandy job.  I say, go for it.  I will clean up baby puke you can have the dog ___.

Here is her outfit.  I think it is quite adorable… and for $10 how could I go wrong.  Not sure what we are going to do about her dress wearing this winter.  She loves dresses.  Tights and turtlenecks may just have to be the answer.  We will see.

And, here are my neighbors, Mike and Jodi, enjoying a cup of coffee this morning.  They couldn’t figure out why I needed to take a picture.  I guess blogging it is a better reason than the one I gave them this morning.  You’ll have to ask them what that was.

I will try to put some pics up from my trip to Breckenridge.  I had a great time and in the mean time, go back to my previous post and you can see the work of the talented ladies I spent the weekend with.  Crazy awesome is all I can say!

2 thoughts on “Totally not my thing… {10-1}

  1. Jodi Tivey says:

    Absolutely LOVE the picture of Olivia…you captured an amazing moment…LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    And I still can’t figure out why you needed to capture the coffee moment…either you wanted me to know what dorks we really look like with our “redneck coffee sessions” or you seriously thought that photo needs to go on a “funeral photo board” someday. {which is totally morbid by the way-LOL}

    • robin says:

      I seriously do want to have the image for ‘later in life’ and I wish I could see the two of you having coffee from my kitchen window, then I could come bug you more often. Rednecks or not… I love you guys!

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