I am doing something a bit crazy… going on a trip to Colorado.  I will be flying out on Friday morning from Dickinson and meeting up with some very talented photography friends.  I have made a list of all the lady’s websites to show you how much incredible talent I will be surrounded by.  I’m thinking it is like submersion into a culture.  I just hope I can learn the language fast enough.

A special thanks to my friends who are encouraging me to go on this journey.  You all are incredible and I wouldn’t be going had you not insisted I go.  I would have chickened out.

Without further rambling… the incredible women of my online photography forum…

Doolittle – Denver, CO — Event Planner


Mindy Upham
– Liberal, KS


Tami Wilson –
Denver, CO


Darcie Rose –
Rugby, ND


Fisher – Birmingham, AL


Kim Schmidt
– Princeton, NJ


Amanda Duran –
Houston, TX


Mars – Hattiesburg, Mississippi (mother of 7)


Jobling – Denver, CO


Baker – Spokane, WA


Kim Harms – Colorado
Springs, CO


Moree – Plano, TX


Hilda White – Orangevale, CA (no blog)


Sarah Davis – North Attleboro, Massachusetts (no blog)

Busy Day… {9-10}

I had Jacki’s kids and my kids for a chunk of this day.  I decided to be brave and try to go to Cole’s football game. The big kids got to ride their bikes and the babies were in the car with me.  The story of the journey is quite lengthy and includes parts missing from strollers (I needed 2) and a diaper blow out on Sophia from armpits to her knees.  We made our journey back home after eating at the highschool (they had a volleyball thing going on).  I thought the big kids looked pretty darn cool as they rode their bikes.


Cracking Me Up… {9-12}

Here is an old one of Emma.  I was clicking through my external hard drive and just enjoying old pics.  People used to do this in books called photo albums.  Since I am not good at printing pics, then I do it digitally. Taken with my Olympus point and shoot in August 2007.