It was raining and it was pouring… {7-28}

Believe it or not, I took out my camera and documented something again.  I am not sure what my camera lull is about.  I do have some pics I have taken, but part of me has just been living life without the big black box in front of my face.

The girls and I were hanging out in the house and all of sudden it was pouring rain.  Straight down from the sky.  Where else would it come from… duh. My point is it was coming straight down.  The girls decided (without asking) to grab their jackets and go outside to play.  I let them be out for a bit and then decided to grab my camera.  Several things I would change about the images and how I took them and the lens choice… blah blah blah.  The point is, I took them and they are fun.

So here are a few of my girls playing in the rain.  I’m sure my Grandma Mushka was watching from above singing a song and smiling.


One thought on “It was raining and it was pouring… {7-28}

  1. Jodi Tivey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE….something about your photos and your girls always makes me smile…and take a deep breath….. thank you for sharing your talents and your family!

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