I still have kids and they are still the center of my world…

My deepest apologies for ignoring my blog for so long.  If I had any followers, I am sure they are gone now.  I do not promise to post everyday, but I do vow that I will do better.

I shall quickly show you each of them and be on my way to starting again on this blog…

This image of Sophia was taken by my friend Jess at Poppy Photography in Minneapolis.  If you are in the Twin Cities and need to capture your family… check her out.  She is wonderful to work with.

Trevor is playing baseball in Hettinger this year.  Wasn’t an easy transition for Nana, but she is doing okay.  Our home games are 40 miles away which the girls have now decided is quite far.  Wait until they find out we have some trips that will take more than 2 hours to get to the game.  He is having fun and has made some new friends which I think is good for him as he gets ready to move on and head to college.

Olivia likes to be close to me at all times.  As I shoot pics of Trevor at his games, quite often she has to be right in the area with me.  She also like to take a pic or two of her own.  Love the digital part of this…delete works well when she struggles to find the focal point she is looking for.  This image is of her as she was cracking seeds between innings in Hettinger.

And a fun one of Emma.  Chad had done some lawn work and the girls were having a ball in the dead grass.  I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to get this stuff out, but all is well and she is back to normal with her hair.




2 thoughts on “I still have kids and they are still the center of my world…

  1. Amy says:

    Robin…love the pics of your family. I know the feeling of being “bogged” down. But, so many people enjoy the posts when they are made. Hang in there and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  2. Jodi Tivey says:

    So, so, so glad to have you back online. You are an amazing photographer and writer and an even more amazing mom and please don’t ever forget that. I know you had goal for your blog, but please remember, you are a busy wife, mom of 4, super amazing friend, aunt, sister, daughter, cousin, etc. Just be proud and happy with the photos and writing you DO get done for your blog!! I am betting you haven’t lost a single follower….they all know how busy you are…and will just appreciate each and every post as it comes…and is meant to be….take one day at a time my friend and be happy with that…it is enough 🙂 Luv ya

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