I don’t think this is mud mom… {3-21}

I think it’s quick-sand.  (You can see 2 sets of footprints in this mess if you look very carefully).

I love spring (ha ha) in ND.  The girls went outside on the First Day of Spring and were not real pleased with the results.  They found the terrace full of mud.  Olivia was just sure it was quick-sand because they sunk right in.

Needless to say, I had to grab my camera and get a couple of snaps before getting on their cases a little about not going into muddy places if they know they shouldn’t.  1.5 pair of boots not on the feet… Olivia is looking over my shoulder as I write and laughing quite hysterically.

Love my girls (and of course Trev).  More on him to come.  I better get my camera going if I want to get lots of pics of him before he heads out to college.   Extra info… This post was written long ago and just sat in never-land on the computer/internet.  So, I have decided I am just going to start posting what is started… and start more as I take them.  Thanks for being patient.  New computer may make me more inclined to sit down and post as well.

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