It was raining and it was pouring… {7-28}

Believe it or not, I took out my camera and documented something again.  I am not sure what my camera lull is about.  I do have some pics I have taken, but part of me has just been living life without the big black box in front of my face.

The girls and I were hanging out in the house and all of sudden it was pouring rain.  Straight down from the sky.  Where else would it come from… duh. My point is it was coming straight down.  The girls decided (without asking) to grab their jackets and go outside to play.  I let them be out for a bit and then decided to grab my camera.  Several things I would change about the images and how I took them and the lens choice… blah blah blah.  The point is, I took them and they are fun.

So here are a few of my girls playing in the rain.  I’m sure my Grandma Mushka was watching from above singing a song and smiling.


I still have kids and they are still the center of my world…

My deepest apologies for ignoring my blog for so long.  If I had any followers, I am sure they are gone now.  I do not promise to post everyday, but I do vow that I will do better.

I shall quickly show you each of them and be on my way to starting again on this blog…

This image of Sophia was taken by my friend Jess at Poppy Photography in Minneapolis.  If you are in the Twin Cities and need to capture your family… check her out.  She is wonderful to work with.

Trevor is playing baseball in Hettinger this year.  Wasn’t an easy transition for Nana, but she is doing okay.  Our home games are 40 miles away which the girls have now decided is quite far.  Wait until they find out we have some trips that will take more than 2 hours to get to the game.  He is having fun and has made some new friends which I think is good for him as he gets ready to move on and head to college.

Olivia likes to be close to me at all times.  As I shoot pics of Trevor at his games, quite often she has to be right in the area with me.  She also like to take a pic or two of her own.  Love the digital part of this…delete works well when she struggles to find the focal point she is looking for.  This image is of her as she was cracking seeds between innings in Hettinger.

And a fun one of Emma.  Chad had done some lawn work and the girls were having a ball in the dead grass.  I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to get this stuff out, but all is well and she is back to normal with her hair.




I don’t think this is mud mom… {3-21}

I think it’s quick-sand.  (You can see 2 sets of footprints in this mess if you look very carefully).

I love spring (ha ha) in ND.  The girls went outside on the First Day of Spring and were not real pleased with the results.  They found the terrace full of mud.  Olivia was just sure it was quick-sand because they sunk right in.

Needless to say, I had to grab my camera and get a couple of snaps before getting on their cases a little about not going into muddy places if they know they shouldn’t.  1.5 pair of boots not on the feet… Olivia is looking over my shoulder as I write and laughing quite hysterically.

Love my girls (and of course Trev).  More on him to come.  I better get my camera going if I want to get lots of pics of him before he heads out to college.   Extra info… This post was written long ago and just sat in never-land on the computer/internet.  So, I have decided I am just going to start posting what is started… and start more as I take them.  Thanks for being patient.  New computer may make me more inclined to sit down and post as well.