Twas the Night Before… {4-6}

The night before our sister gets here… We took a little trip to Dickinson and stayed in a motel to swim.  The girls and Chad had a fantastic time in the pool. I on the other hand went to Wal-Mart and had less than a good time.  I needed to pick up a few needed items for myself and of course the movie, Tangled, for the girls.  I promised they could get the DVD but had to wait until the hospital when the baby arrived.

Here are the girls getting ready for the big swim.  I didn’t stick around for pictures at the pool since I was off to Wally World.

Trevor was unable to attend the big swim event.  He had to have his cap and gown pictures taken so had to stay home. 

After the big swim, Nana and Papa (my parents) arrived and the girls decided they were going to sleep in their room.  Which worked out nicely for me and Chad.  We each had our own queen sized bed… ahhhhhhhh… I didn’t sleep the greatest, but it was still nice.  Emma was not able to settle down for the night.  I think she may have been just a bit too excited for the big event the next morning.  Little did she know, it would be much longer than she expected before she was able to hold her baby sister.

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