Sophia Clara Welch… {4-7}

Sophia Clara Welch
Born – 9:07 AM
April 7, 2011

I need to begin by saying thank you to Jacki for being available to take the photos of this special day.  Although you see my copyright on these images, Jacki took them all (as far as I know).  I set her on “auto” and let her loose with my camera.

There is a little step just outside the waiting room.  Sort of cozy and fun to sit on (I even strolled down later in the stay and sat there myself).  Olivia, Jaci, Emma, and Jackson wait patiently as I was in surgery for Sophia’s planned c-section.  All the girls were born via c-section, Trevor was the only cone-head born the natural way.

Soon we will be sisters!

Introducing to the world (quickly)… Sophia Clara Welch.  She was born at 9:07 and cried like a wild woman in the operating room.  I was given a chance to see her for close to 15 seconds and Holly (the incredible RN) explained that she had some issues with her breathing and they wanted to do an x-ray.  So, Chad was handed his baby girl and off they went. 

She did get a chance to weigh in for the first time in her life.  Dr. Arnold guessed she was going to be 8lbs 2oz.  He was off by a pound.  She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz.  The smallest of my babies.  She was 18.5 inches long though. 

We apologize for the funny lines in the images.  Jacki was not allowed in the nursery this time around because of the complication with her breathing.  So, she made things work through the glass.  I wish they would replace it with glass that doesn’t have those goofy lines.

Here she is!!! 

Papa, Emma, Curt, and Olivia look into the nursery as they get Miss Sophia all geared up for her first day of life.

Chad stands by and watches as the medical staff get her attached to all the equipment she would be monitored by over the course of the next day and a half.

And, it wouldn’t be a Robin and Chad Welch baby delivery if two things were not true… 1.  It’s a girl is announced and 2. Cowboy Roy (Dr. Peterson) is the pediatrician.  He does a fine job, his tie and personality are a bit quirky though.

The clock shows it isn’t even 9:30 yet.  I was down in the recovery room with warm blankets and watching someone else who had way more pain than me following her surgery.  I was glad I had time to say a few prayers for my baby girl, but wanted to know how she was doing. 

The crew for the delivery were: Nana and Papa, Chuck and Wanda, Jacki, Jaci and Jackson, Amanda and Jodi, and Curt.  Trevor and Keisha arrived shortly after I was brought back upstairs from the recovery room. 

Chad and Olivia take a minute away from the crowd to just visit.

Jacki talked her way inside the nursery for awhile.  She talked to Holly (bestest RN) and she let her go inside to get a few pictures without the lines in them.

You can see she has a several monitors going.  Blood pressure cuff on her ankle, pulse-ox monitor on her foot, IV in her right hand for antibiotics, temperature monitor on her belly and three monitors on her chest (assuming lung and heart).

She spent until 7:00 PM on 4-8-11 in the Level 2 Nursery at the hospital.  Chad and I were able to go in on Friday morning and feed her.  She was given a blow-by oxygen hose that Chad held while I did my part getting her to latch on and eat.  She was a champ from the start.  Later in the day, the nurse on duty let Emma and Olivia go in to see her as well.  We hadn’t asked because we didn’t know siblings would be allowed in the nursery and didn’t want the girls to get too excited about it.

On a side note, Emma would not leave my side or the window to the nursery all day Thursday.  People had to bring her food and we had to convince her swimming would be fun in order to get her to leave on Thursday night.  I think she needed to touch her baby sister and was worried she would miss her chance if she left.  It was a long wait for her but finally on Friday she was let in to ever so briefly touch her baby sister.

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