What would you do with this? {3-20}

Well, we have lived in this house since Trevor was in the 4th grade.  He is graduating in May and I think it is time for us to get rid of the Pepto Pink bedroom walls.  I dream of someday not having the carpet, but that is not in the cards right now so, we must work with it. 

So… What would you do as far as paint color in this room?  Comments much appreciated!

This is Emma all dressed up with no place to go on a snow day last year I think.

And a not perfect picture of one of the most expensive carpets around.  It is super cushy to the feet, made of wool, and ooooh so pretty.  I am sure Harriet loved it and it is quite pretty, but not easy to decorate around for someone not into decorating.

I had forgotten about these pictures and ran across them the other day.  Here is a chance to see the pepto pink bedroom from a few different angles. Fortunately, I received a handmade quilt that ‘goes’ with the paint and carpet.  But, I am ready to move to a new color… something more of a non-color would even be nice.  The curtains will be going as well. 

Additional note… we are not big decorating people, so at this point the walls are still pretty much bare, the curtains are the same as when we moved in, it is sad… really sad.

The shelf in this corner has gone downstairs.  I decided I was tired of looking at it and it is not a very grown up piece of furniture.  The chair stays.  Belonged to my Grandma and if nothing else, I would be willing to recover the pads.

The dog also stays and the little girl in her undies… keeping her too!


And for our other pieces of fancy furniture… The dresser stays (was my Aunt Mary  Jane’s).  TV/VCR combo will be changing to a larger TV but staying on the dresser. 

And one last look. The TV she is watching is already out of the room as well.  Has been for quite some time. 

A couple of things to add… Well, one thing for sure.  A baby will be making his/her way into this room.  Since we haven’t told the girls all about the arrival at this point, we haven’t made a firm decision on putting a crib in one of their rooms.  I just would rather wait until one of the two decides that it would be cool to share a room with a baby brother or sister.  We have a few hours remaining to keep our secret.  We have been working our way into telling them, but just haven’t quite figured it all out yet.

Time is ticking since we are due the 14th of April.  So… as tax day approaches, so does the arrival of the new infant.  Up for this week… finding a car seat and getting a few things ready.