Up Up and Away…{3-10}

Fun at the city park.  Something Olivia has been asking about for weeks.  We went to play in August of 2009 and I was glad to try some things with my camera. Emma and Olivia both had a blast on the swing that day.  Since we have seen much of Miss Olivia, I’m going to post Emma.  Up Up and Away…

And we are thankful to GOD… {3-18}

Very early this morning, the fire and rescue pager went off at our house.  The pager described a two semi-collision north of Bowman.  That page changed the way many of us look at life and reminded us what is truly important… Family.

Some families are large, some are small.  Some are easily described and defined.  Trevor’s family stretches.  He has 5 sisters, a step-mom, a step-dad, a plethera of grandparents, aunts and uncles, me and his dad.  As I heard the page go off on Friday morning, my heart sank and for some reason I had a sense that Dave was a part of it. As the wife of one of the fire and rescue team, sitting in wonder and worry is not uncommon, but this time was different.  Several hours later, I heard from Trevor and Tana and learned that Dave was a part of the accident and by the grace of God and God alone… he was going to be okay. 







Thank you to our Heavenly Father for looking after Dave as he has traveled on the road over the years.  Continue to help him and the Smolnikar family as they work through the aftermath of the accident.  In Jesus’ name… Amen.

I’ve been wishing for one of these forever… {3-9}

Olivia had a banana cake last year for her birthday and it turned out pretty cute.  You can’t see it because I can’t find it on my hard drive.  This year, she decides she wants another banana cake, but not just one banana a bunch of bananas.  Four of them… because she is 4 years old.

I made my attempt at the bunch of bananas and had I taken more time, it may have been super cute, but it just wasn’t super cute.  It was just bananas.  She loved it anyway and there are no good pictures of it. 

I wish I  may I wish I might make this birthday wish tonight…


Mom and Dad got me this bike and it is cool and everything, but I really wish I had a whoopee cushion.

My dreams came true… A Whoopee Cushion from my best buddy, Stu.

Not only did all the kids love it (not my sister…) but Leroy, our cat was wondering all about it as well.  It self inflates and is super cool. 

Tami is sure Grandma Mushka is having a tootin’ good time with this from Heaven.

Birthday Morning…{3-8}

And the sleeping three year old is now 4.

This did not work out how I normally ‘plan’ it.  Emma and I were wrapping her ‘morning gifts’ when she comes walking into my bedroom to say, “Good Mowling (morning).  It’s my buthday (birthday).”  We frantically told her she needed to go back to her room where we were able to give her the gifts we had finished wrapping oh so quickly.

She Sleeps… {3-7}

Well, since I can’t find her pictures from last year on my hard drive, I will post the birthday eve pictures. 

When Trevor was little, I started a tradition (I think he was 3 going to be 4).  I looked over at him asleep on my mom and dad’s couch and he looked absolutely perfect and I knew it was the last time he would be asleep at the age of 3.  So, I took a picture.  And in the morning, I took another.  The first moment he was 4.  Since that time I have made every effort to get the pictures of birthday eve and birthday morning for each of the kids. 

Today I am only 3  years old.

Here she is… the eve of her 4th birthday. 

She Sleeps…

Looking back and getting ready… {3-4}

Olivia’s birthday is fast approaching.  I decided to post some pictures of her from around her birthday each year to get ready for the occasion and show how much she has grown and changed.

Jacki took these.  Not sure if she was using her Olympus point and shoot or mine.  She does a lovely job of capturing the moments.  Maybe someday I will be able to do the same for her… maybe at the end of April.

If you look closely, you may see a little tear in Chad’s eye.  He gets a bit emotional for these big events.  I get medication that makes me puke so… I think he is the luckier of the two of us.

Brrrrr…. It is cold without my blanket.  Weigh in time.

Chad’s girls… well, Zada isn’t in the picture, but it is most of us.

Relaxing Place {3-3}

For me and for Olivia.

This is not the first time Miss Olivia fell asleep at Monica’s (Shear Designs).  Today I could tell she was tired (very quiet) and all of a sudden we peeked around the corner and she had curled up on one of the seats with her sucker (on my coat).  She was zonked out.  Lucky for me this time, my camera was in my car.

She was a good big sister once… {3-2}

I am sure she will do a great job again.  I have not mentioned much about my ‘personal status’ as I call it because I am not big into pregnancy in the first place.  Again, not complaining, just stating a fact that some people enjoy the attention while I do not care for it so much.  We are due April 14 and have not figured out the best way to tell the girls.  I made the decision to wait with what I believe to be pretty sound reasoning…

Have you ever made popsicles with a five year old?  The moment they go in the freezer the child wants to know when they will be ready to eat.  Are they done yet?  How long until we eat them?  And on the story goes.  So, I decided to wait on telling the girls.  As time passed it just became more and more easy to keep the news to ourselves and not tell them.  Now, with 6 weeks to go, we are working on finding a ‘special way’ to tell them.

While we work that out, here is Emma playing with dolls today.  She was sitting really lovingly and cute when I saw her initially but by the time I got my camera and was ready to shoot, she and Olivia had started playing and talking.