Dreams in Motion… {3-13}

Miss Sarah was here for Dance Camp again.  We LOVE her.  Olivia can’t stop talking about her and will often wonder if she gets to go to her school.  She now attends preschool so I am never sure what she is referring to until she clears things up and reminds me that she wants to see Miss Sarah.

I snapped one of the whole group and while most people probably had some really awesome pics of their kids, my girls were being goof balls after the dance was done and with my knee completely out of whack… I couldn’t do much about it.  I was just glad I didn’t need someone to help hoist me up off the floor. 

Another downfall of the day.  My memory card for the video was full and I missed taping much of what I wanted to tape, but on an upside… I was able to watch a bit more with my eyes and not through a lens.

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