BCHS Girls’ Hoops {2-25}

It has been quite a battle for the BCHS Lady Bulldogs the last couple of years.  They haven’t had many wins but did pull a few out of their playbook this year.  Here are images from the final match-up between the Scranton Miners and The BCHS Bulldogs.  I drove up to Dickinson to take some pics and ended up putting my camera away for the second half.  Just wasn’t feeling it that day.  Decided to sit and eat popcorn and drink a bottle of water in peace and tranquility.  My mom had the girls.  Thanks Nana!

I was quite proud of Kaitlin Brooks for sticking it out all these years.  She was the only senior player this year.  She has the heart of Rhame Pirate (she is from Rhame) and stuck with it all her high school career.  Thanks Kaitlin for being so dedicated.

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