And we are thankful to GOD… {3-18}

Very early this morning, the fire and rescue pager went off at our house.  The pager described a two semi-collision north of Bowman.  That page changed the way many of us look at life and reminded us what is truly important… Family.

Some families are large, some are small.  Some are easily described and defined.  Trevor’s family stretches.  He has 5 sisters, a step-mom, a step-dad, a plethera of grandparents, aunts and uncles, me and his dad.  As I heard the page go off on Friday morning, my heart sank and for some reason I had a sense that Dave was a part of it. As the wife of one of the fire and rescue team, sitting in wonder and worry is not uncommon, but this time was different.  Several hours later, I heard from Trevor and Tana and learned that Dave was a part of the accident and by the grace of God and God alone… he was going to be okay. 







Thank you to our Heavenly Father for looking after Dave as he has traveled on the road over the years.  Continue to help him and the Smolnikar family as they work through the aftermath of the accident.  In Jesus’ name… Amen.

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