Round 2 – District Tournament {2-12}

The Bulldogs had a tough second round in the tournament.  It was painful to watch and I felt super badly for the boys.  They just didn’t come together at the right time of the year as the best I can come up with.  Okay, I lie.  There is more to it, but I will keep my ideas and thoughts to myself on part of what happened.

Trevor and Andy played hard (as did the other players). I have struggled all year to get a picture of Andy in focus.  Since we are quite possibly one game away from the end of the season, here is something close to focused and sort of close to an action shot.  Andy was an integral part of the year even though he didn’t score a million points.  He just played hard… always.  As far as Trevor goes, there were times during this game that he was super frustrated.  It was painful to watch as a mom.  I wanted to fix it, but moms can’t fix everything. 

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